Minority Report Film Review (2002) – Cruise Paradox Murder

Minority Report Film Review (2002) – Cruise Paradox Murder

(This is the Minority Report film review, which is a 2002 sci-fi neo-noir movie that features Tom Cruise)

Back to reviewing some classic old film of the 2000s and this film is surely one of the better-remembered ones. It stars the famous MI actor Tom Cruise and directed by the equally acclaimed director Stephen Spielberg. The movie is also loosely based on the short story of the same name by Philip K. Dick. Its premise revolves around the term of Precrime and also includes some sci-fi stuff and a bit of superpower. Without further ado, let’s review this film from a 2018’s perspective in the Minority Report film review below!



In Washington in the year 2054, a PreCrime initiative has been experimented to test out if murders could be completely obliterated in the country. Three PreCogs who are gifted with some clairvoyance and the PreCrime police are tasked with taking down the would-be criminal before they can complete their crime. However, things start to change when John, the head Captain of the division has become involved in his own precrime situation. Along the way, he gets a note that the future might be able to change or the past have been tampered. Could he find out the truth before he is caught?

Minority Report film review Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise as a Precrime Captain that foresees his own murder attempt!



Minority Report Film Review

The premise itself is not very original and has been explored in other films that feature time-traveling or clairvoyance. However, its execution is actually pretty cool, and I must say gives a fresh look to the genre itself. This is me speaking from 2018’s perspective, where not many films have been able to execute the premise as good as this movie. There are plenty of mysteries and twists that follow along with the film which keeps you engaged at all times. The best thing about this film is that the paradoxes make sense and are not left unexplained like some other films. Everything falls into place when the movie ends that leave you with a satisfied explanation at the events that occurred. The pacing is likewise very well timed, with several tense moments that are superseded with quiet ones. In fact, at 2.5 hours long, none of the film sequences leave me slightly bored at all, which is impressive!

The characters depicted are very relatable to us. Take John, for example, he has lost a son and it affects him for the rest of the film. His personalities and actions are understandable and are made full use of in the film to drive the story. Several other characters are given rooms to shine and are pretty memorable even if they don’t appear much on screen. Though I admit not all of the characters get the same treatment, but otherwise, they are pretty decent. I also like how the antagonist is well hidden and we would never expect it until the film is near its end, and even then their actions are also relatable. The soundtrack is quite decent with some sci-fi theme that is mixed with grunge and dystopian feel, which fits the film perfectly. Lastly, the CGI may look quite bad now but it actually doesn’t distract much from the story and for a 2002 film, they are well made.


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Minority Report Film Review (2002) – Cruise Paradox Murder
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What's good
Excellent execution of the premise
Characterisation is pretty strong
Very well paced
The film retains mysteries and reveal it till the end satisfyingly
All of the paradoxes are explained and falls naturally into place
What's bad
Premise is not the most original
Not all characters get equal treatment
Still is one of the best films ever made!
Stephen Spielberg expertise in directing an excellent film is paired up with great acting by Tom Cruise and other cast, and all of this create a compelling watching experience!
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