Venom Film Review (2018) – Hardy Comedic Antihero

Venom Film Review (2018) – Hardy Comedic Antihero

(This is the Venom film review, which is a 2018 anti-superhero film featuring the famous Spiderman nemesis which shares the same world in Marvel Cinematic Universe)

Sony has now released the titular nemesis of our beloved Spiderman by featuring his own movie! Venom has been shown once in the Sam Raimi’s Spiderman Trilogy, but here it is featuring Tom Hardy as the human that the symbiote is bound to. The film is directed by Ruben Fleischer, who directed Zombieland, so perhaps we can expect some of his trademark comedy in the film, perhaps. Furthermore, other actors such as Michelle Williams and Riz Ahmed join the cast as well. But would this film be a success just like Zombieland? Read on the Venom film review to find out!



A search for new habitable worlds has led to the discovery of a comet covered with a symbiote, which is used by an organisation to perform experiments. Investigative journalist Eddie, played by Hardy, who is accidentally infused with the symbiote while he is trying to save a test subject. Soon, he has to fight with the organisation who intends on capturing him due to his symbiote being the only one alive. Could he and the symbiote fight together against such tough nemesis?

Venom film review Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy plays as an Investigative Journalist!


Venom Film Review

I think the biggest problem I have with this movie is that they slapped “venom” as the title to this movie when venom has so much more to it then what this movie tried to show.

Plot-wise it’s pretty slow going at first as it tries to set up all its characters and tries to make you care about them. Keyword: tries. The film gets better once Eddie has the symbiote but it does not get better by a whole lot. It rushes to a conclusion and even has some more comedic scenes after the climax of the movie just to show off the best part of the movie, the dark humor banter between the symbiote and Eddie.

Character-wise, undoubtedly Tom Hardy is the best part of the movie as he plays both Eddie Brock and the symbiote I believe? Their back and forth banter is genuinely funny. However, there is little to no character growth found here and when there is I feel it came out of nowhere? And I feel like it does because there were probably scenes that were cut out. I also feel the villain was kind of miscast? He does not come off as very imposing nor scary even when he’s supposed/wants to be.

I feel like if you had no idea what venom is you would probably be somewhat okay with this movie? But the problem is that there’s so much more to venom than what this movie portrayed and… it honestly doesn’t feel like venom at all? So much of Venom’s inception and origin is tied to spiderman and peter parker so without them, his character feels a bit hollow. They should have just made this as an original movie…which is honestly what it feels like already lol.


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Venom Film Review (2018) – Hardy Comedic Antihero
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What's good
Relationship between Eddie and the symbiote provides the best part and some could say the only good part about this movie, the dark humor
What's bad
Little to no character growth for anyone
Story is honestly...kind of lame
I felt a lot of the song choices were odd and took me out of the movie
Venom is supposed to be better than this!
What has made such famous nemesis of Spidey to deserve such a low grade film? However, the comedy between Venom and Tom Hardy is pretty funny though.
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