A Star is Born Film Review (2018) – Gaga Romance Musical

A Star is Born Film Review (2018) – Gaga Romance Musical

(This is the A Star is Born film review, which is a remake of the 1937 film of the same name and features Lady Gaga)

There have been many remakes on this legendary movie that this is actually the 4th remake, and is also Bradley Cooper‘s directorial debut. He also acts as the main character and he manages to get famous cast such as Lady Gaga, Andrew Dice Clay, Dave Chapelle and Sam Elliot in it as well. With the big pressure of remaking such renowned film as his directorial debut, there is a lot that Bradley has to handle, and could he handle it and really make it a star to be born? Read on the A Star is Born film review below to find out!



Bradley plays as Jackson, a famous country singer who has to fight his addiction to alcohol and drug, who happens to meet a waitress, Ally, (played by Lady Gaga) who wants to be a singer. The two hits it off but the situation turns dire when Bradley is betrayed by his manager and Ally is recruited by a record producer who wants her to change style from country to pop. The two begins to develop problems along the way as each has to face their own trials. Would a star be born and died straight after?

A Star is Born film review Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper

The collab between Copper and Gaga in a musical!


A Star is Born Film Review

I haven’t watched any of the previous iterations of this story but the characters are supposedly very different and I don’t know if the plot is similar but I’m glad I experienced it for the first time in cinemas.

Plot-wise, it starts off and continues about how you might expect it, focusing on the musical careers of both leads and of course their passionate whirlwind of a romance. However, I think the film actually ends rather abruptly and to great effect, in a way which I did not quite expect them to end things although I could see what the film was building to in retrospect. I shan’t say anymore cos it would be spoiling the ending. I do feel like the pacing does lag a bit here and there, especially in the 2nd half.

Character-wise, I think both leads were spectacular in their roles though I feel Bradley Cooper shone more as he got the more emotionally complex and nuanced role. There was a whole cast of side characters but we don’t really get too in depth with them, the focus is really on the 2 main leads here. The dialogue and acting here is excellent especially between the 2 leads, the chemistry between them is palpable and a lot of dialogue between the actors, not just the leads felt very realistic, almost as if this wasn’t a film but real life.
The soundtrack for a very music-centric film could be the factor that makes or breaks such a film and in this instance, I think they knocked it out of the park. There were varying genres on display here from country Rock, to slower emotional ballads and even more electronic pop music? There’s no questioning lady gaga’s performances during these scenes as she is a musician and can actually play instruments. On Bradley Cooper’s part, I think he actually has a pretty good voice for the genre he sings in the film and even his guitar playing, idk whether he’s faking it, but for the most part it does look realistic.

The cinematography is amazing too and there are some fantastic shots in the film not to mention the feeling of actually being behind the scenes and on stage during the live performances.


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A Star is Born Film Review (2018) – Gaga Romance Musical
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What's good
Great chemistry between Gaga and Cooper
Everyone's acting performance and the dialogue was amazing
Musical performances by both leads blew me away
What's bad
Pacing lags a bit here and there especially during the second half
An impressive remake that blows minds off!
With such an unexpected quality for a directorial debut, Bradley Cooper has managed to give us a very compelling watching experience that befits such a legendary film.
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