Mandy Film Review (2018) – Nicholas Cage Horror

Mandy Film Review (2018) – Nicholas Cage Horror

(This is the Mandy film review, which is a 2018 USA-Canada pro-production horror film that stars the famous Nicholas Cage)

Mandy is a horror film that is directed by Panos Costamos, who has directed another horror titled Beyond the Black Rainbow. He is the son of the acclaimed director who presented us with Cobra and Tombstone. Honestly, I don’t know what to think about this movie. Its title is Mandy. It’s rated r21. It stars Nicholas Cage in I think one of his best roles in a long long time. It is, in essence, a revenge thriller… But at the same time, it’s so much more. It is most definitely arthouse. Read it up in the Mandy film review below!



Nicholas Cage plays as a man who is an alcoholic and he lives with his wife, Mandy. Both he and his wife suffer from some issues in life, but they persevere on. Until one day, a cult sect comes and kills Mandy, which causes him to seek revenge. But the thing does not seem as simple, what could he actually do then?

Mandy film review nicholas cage controller companies

Nicholas Cage is back as a revenger!


Mandy Film Review

Plot-wise the pacing is actually really slow and meandering. For the first part especially when we’re just getting introduced to the characters and how they live their lives before it gets disrupted. Even then when the plot finally gets moving, it slowly lumbers around to its inevitable conclusion which you can basically see a mile away. Its slow nature is reflected and probably even partially due to the majority of shots lingering for way too long… And yet this too is purposeful. Although the shots linger far too long for my liking, the subjects which they linger on are often very macabre, haunting and yet beautiful images. Its color grading contributes to this and the filter they used on the film here gives the film a very psychedelic, acid trip kind of feel. The entire aesthetic of the film and vibe of the film feels like a homage to… The 80s? Specifically, it seems to pay homage to fantasy novels of that era with themes of heavy metal and slasher gore flicks. And it definitely did.

There really isn’t much character development I think but everyone’s acting was on point and it is a treat to see Nicholas Cage’s notorious overacting finally used appropriately and to its full potential as you witness the mental and emotional breakdown of the character as the plot creeps to its inevitable conclusion.

As gore/violent films go, it’s really not that bad? I’ve seen worse and I’ve seen it in much more volume. This film is actually pretty sparse by today’s standards if you ask me and even when it does happen, it is at times satisfying but it’s never really all that gory.

I honestly don’t know how to feel about this film. I am Conflicted. It is honestly a very beautiful film to watch. There are things I like about it but there’s also a lot that left me feeling pretty meh… But it is an arthouse film though. My opinion may change upon further viewings as there is actually a lot of little details and references within the film.


Mandy Film Review (2018) – Nicholas Cage Horror
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What's good
Nicholas Cage's infamous overacting finally used appropriately
Badass action
Acid-trip aesthetic
Shots are so beautiful it's like you're watching a moving work of art at times
What's bad
Pacing is quite slow
Not much character growth going on but they are actually interesting and seem to have multiple layers to their personality
It's arthouse, so it does not have mass appeal
It's Okay
Perhaps one of the best Nicholas Cage films!
Nicholas Cage has perhaps acted in a role that fully makes use of his overacting skill! Though beware, Mandy is an arthouse, and so does not really appeal to everyone!
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