My Little Monster Film Review [となりの怪物くん] (2018) – Bookworm x Monster

My Little Monster Film Review [となりの怪物くん] (2018) – Bookworm x Monster

(This is the My Little Monster film review, which is a 2018 Japanese school romance comedy film that is based on the manga of the same name)

This film is a live-action movie adaptation of the manga of the same name by Robico. It also stars some pretty famous younger stars such as Masaki Suda and Tao Tsuchiya. What’s more, it is directed by Sho Tsukikawa, the same guy who directed the hit Let Me Eat Your Pancreas (which you can read the review here). So, we should be safe to assume to expect the high-quality school romance drama from this film as well. But could this adaptation be as good as the previous one? Read on the My Little Monster film review below to find out!



Haru is a problematic student with a tendency to be involved in violent fights with his overwhelming strength. And he doesn’t like to go to school, which caused his neighbour classmate, Shizuku, to be forced to help bring his homework to him. From then on, their lives will intertwine and bring about unexpected changes and challenges. Along the way, they find that they are in love with each other, but life circumstances have other plans. Could they manage to get together till the end?

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The unlikely romance between a bookworm and a crazy monster!


My Little Monster Film Review

Satsuga…I mean as expected from the director of Let Me Eat Your Pancreas, I could feel a similar yet different semblance of this film to it. The story is almost like your typical romance manga, but with some pretty interesting and unexpected twists. It starts off just like a cliché comedy manga but then starts to transform into something that will actually captivate you. Honestly, half of the film is predictable, but with the small twists here and there as well as the great directing, it is still a pretty enjoyable experience. Pacing wise, the middle can be a bit slow as the film takes its time to set up the mood and atmosphere and characters relationships. Otherwise, it’s pretty good or at least better than some other Japanese films that I have watched.

The characters are something that I have expected. They are all the typical manga characters, with one bookworm, one monster yet innocence at heart, another love rivals etc. However, it’s the actors who manage to make them all look presentable, relatable, and ultimately enjoyable. I just love most of the characters introduced here and feel for them. Their interactions can be weird and not really make sense, but the comedic moments between them are golden. However, as this is a Japanese film, get ready to see some of the over exaggeration of these characters actions. One fact I don’t really like is that some of the characters are not really built up upon and some are introduced too suddenly midway into the story. Lastly, the soundtrack is a hit for me. It comprises of the usual Japanese pop track, but I just love them, and it fits the premise and the characters well, with love songs as well as inspiring songs about innocent young love.


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My Little Monster Film Review [となりの怪物くん] (2018) – Bookworm x Monster
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What's good
Loveable characters
Golden comedic moments
Some great unexpected small twists
Lovely and memorable soundtrack
What's bad
Premise and characters are actually pretty cliché
Some characters are not built up even after introduced for some time
While other characters are suddenly introduced midway
Story can be pretty predictable
Pretty Good!
A cliché Japanese Romance School Drama but it's an Enjoyable one!
Though it is so full of cliché moments, characters and story formula, the director and the cast have managed to turn it into an enjoyable watching experience that is paired up with some lovely memorable soundtrack.
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