Men on The Dragon Film Review [逆流大叔] (2018) – HK Reality Drama

Men on The Dragon Film Review [逆流大叔] (2018) – HK Reality Drama

(This is the Men on The Dragon film review, which is a 2018 Hong Kong drama film with a premise that is very relatable to locals)

This film is one of a few that graces the Hong Kong indie film industry as it is directed by Sunny Chan, which also counts this as his directorial debut. Although he has been writing scripts for long, this is his first time directing a commercial film. What’s more, he has managed to get some great household names such as Francis Ng, Kenny Wong, Chan Leung Poon, and Jennifer Yu. With its premise being set to fit the ordinary Hong Kongnese audience, could this film manage to hit the right spot in their hearts? Read on this Men on The Dragon film review to find out!



A group that comprised of four employees of a telecommunication company, that is of different ages and background, are being forced to participate in a Dragon Boat Race in order to prevent being layoff. Under a great but young pretty coach, they have to break through the difficulties ahead. However, life has caught up to them and each of them has to tackle their own life crisis that created many heartbreaking and comedic moments. Will they be able to do it?

Men on the dragon film review controller companies 逆流大叔

An inspiring story of a group of men who are afraid of being layoff!


Men on The Dragon Film Review

Man, this film is really made just for the Hong Kongnese in pure perspective. Many of the characters and events depicted in this movies are very relatable to the people that lived in this small yet very competitive city. What’s more, the premise itself is kind of weird but is strangely seemed possible as well. What I like is that though the premise mostly makes use of some cliché moments, there are also some unexpected ones with a twist, showing that Life will sometimes take its own course and not following any formula. Pacing wise it’s also pretty good, showing the experience of the first time director who has been working in this industry for decades. The flow is maintained with just the right amount of sad and comedic scenes of each character’s life.

The characters themselves are the main stars of this film. I like how each of the four main characters has different backgrounds, personalities and also their own life crises, and yet they are able to band together to tackle the problem together. Their interaction with one another can be awkwardly funny and this is intentional, creating some genuinely comedic moments that do not look fake. Honestly, they complement one another well enough that you can feel like they are a believable group of friends who are not perfect in life. Lastly, the music itself is actually commissioned and it really has that Hong Kong drama feels to it, where it tries to inspire you to do the same. It’s quite unexpected for an indie film to have such a suitably great soundtrack, and I’m actually pretty surprised.


Men on the dragon film review post controller companies 逆流大叔
Men on The Dragon Film Review [逆流大叔] (2018) – HK Reality Drama
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What's good
Believable group of imperfect characters
Awkward yet funny character interactions
Premise and soundtrack are pretty inspiring
The pacing is well paced with just the right amount of sad and comedic scenes
Truly contains the HK flavour
What's bad
Premise and characters makes use of some common clichés
A HK Indie film that knows its market well!
No wonder people has been talking about this film long after it has been released on screen. The director knows what the audience wants and he produces this film with that in his own twist to it. With that said, this film will truly inspire Hong Kongnese with its message. Great job!
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