Rain and my Memories

Rain and my Memories

It rained this morning as I woke up to the thunderstorm. Strangely, just as I gained consciousness from my sleep, I felt that I have been transported back to my room in Singapore. There’s something about rain that always does this to me. As I closed my eyes again, I really felt that I was back on the same bed in my room back home. The same memories that involve raining when I woke up then. Has time rewound? Or has I just been connected back to the memories?

Perhaps it’s because it has always been the same rain from then. The same water that traveled from Singapore to Hong Kong has fallen to the city at exactly the same moment. Drop by drop, with the occasional thunder that brings with it the same loud noise into my eardrums. Memories are such a strong sentiment in the rain for me, and now I felt a bit homesick.

But I have to thank them for triggering this sentiment, for in a way, I kind of need it. Sometimes we are so far away from home, and yet a simple rain could bring the distance between us so much closer…even if just for that short while. Well, till the next time it rains again, and I hope it would be just at the right moment when I left my dream.


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