Johnny English Strikes Again Film Review (2018) Bean Against Technology

Johnny English Strikes Again Film Review (2018) Bean Against Technology

(This is theJohnny English Strikes Again film review, which is a 2018 spy comedy action that is the sequel to the Johnny English Reborn from 2011)

He is perhaps the British Secret Service’s most famous man…aside from James Bond, of course. But he is the one who knows no fear, knows no danger…and Nothing! Johnny English is back into his 3rd film and features back the comedy master Rowan Atkinson in his spy role. This film is also directed by the same director as the 2nd film, David Kerr, and also stars famous cast such as Ben Miller, Olga Kurylenko and Emma Thompson. Will the 3rd time be the charm for this franchise in terms of the comedy and spy action? Read on the Johnny English Strikes Again film review below to find out!



The whole of Britain’s Secret Network has been exposed by a malicious hacker and their identities revealed. All except one, and it happens to be Johnny English, who has retired but is called up to duty to resume as the spy for Her Majesty. This time, he has to travel to France with his partner Bough in order to capture the culprit…but misfortunes seem to come back for him. Would he be able to successfully complete his missions on time before the whole world is hacked?

Johnny English Strikes Again film review Rowan Atkinson Controller Companies

The British Best Spy is back in his own way!


 Johnny English Strikes Again Film Review

Well well well, we all know that Johnny English will never retire from his role in the spy agency, just like Rowan Atkinson won’t retire from acting. Now, for the premise, it’s of course very similar to the predecessors. I mean, who watches this movie for the plot anyway? We have to all admit the truth that we are watching this just because of Mr. Bean…I mean Rowan Atkinson only! And for that, the premise is just the same: cliché, very predictable, normal antagonist, but of course with a good amount of comedic scenes. Pacing is not bad though, as the comedic scenes are aplenty and most of the time they work cause its performed by him.

As for the characters, everything is as usual, and you won’t find someone with deep agenda or with deep characterisation. Johnny English is, of course, the main guy that we all like and love. His comedic moments with his partner Bough are pretty good and still able to incite a laugh, even when the jokes are pretty old and boring in normal circumstances. All of these are attributed to the actors themselves abling to get a laugh out of us with their skills. Even the bad guy is just a normal guy with nothing much to speak of, so yeah that’s it for the character review. Soundtrack-wise it is the usual fare, but there are some good ones though that play the traditional British instruments that I quite like, which makes the whole film quite British-like.


Johnny English Strikes Again Film Review (2018) Bean Against Technology
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What's good
Comedic moments performed by Rowan Atkinson
Johnny English
Great pacing with plenty of comedic moments
What's bad
Subpar premise
Weak antagonist
Shallow minor and major characters
Pretty Good!
Johnny English Strikes the 3rd Charm!
It is the same formula and done by the same man, but it also shows why we are still attracted to the man who has made us laugh since the time of Mr.Bean. Rowan Atkinson is the sole lifesaver for this film and he does it pretty well despite his age!
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