Sicario Film Review (2015) – Revenge of Hitman

Sicario Film Review (2015) – Revenge of Hitman

(This is the Sicario film review, which is a 2015 crime thriller film that is directed by the same director as Blade Runner 2049)

Sicario is a film that seems, at first, to be a B-movie that will only show some cool and gritty action sequences of the justice forces of the USA against some drug cartels in Mexico. Well, it seems that does not seem to be the case as it is directed by the acclaimed director Denis Villeneuve, who has churned out award-winning movies such as Enemy, Arrival and this year’s Blade Runner 2049. With him at the helm, as well as some prominent cast that includes Emily Blunt, Benicio del Toro, Josh Brolin, and Victor Garber, would this movie actually blows your mind? Check in the Sicario film review below to test it out!

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Agent Kate and Reggie, part of the FBI Critical Incident Response Group, raids on a suspected cartel safehouse that contains several bodies and then an explosion happened that kills 2 officers. Incensed with finding and bringing the culprit to justice, they volunteer to join Department of Justice special force to do exactly that. Little do they realise that there is a hidden agenda behind their next missions and they are involved unwillingly into the drug cartels war in Mexico, could they escape out alive and also bring the bad guys to justice while still retaining their moral values?

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What will she do when she finds out the hidden secret?


Sicario Film Review

Sicario is one of the few films that really bring out the atmosphere of the lives of those dealing with drug cartels in Mexico and also showing the grittiness without being overly dramatic. Each scene and mood is tense, and at the same time makes you question your own moral values as you strive to understand the actions done by each character. In regard to the narrative, it is not a very original premise. However, the way it is directed is top notch, and you will feel engrossed in it even when you roughly know what’s the twist going to be. The film is directed by a master director and this film shows! Then for the pacing, it is equally incredibly well-paced and littered with just a nice amount of quiet, tense and gritty moments. The moment I watch it I actually forgot about the time until near the end of the film.

Characters-wise, I really like all of them as they are all varied in terms of moral values, personality and also agenda. Each of the four main characters has their reasons for each action, some for justice and some for revenge. They are a very believable bunch of people that you will feel relatable to them. The main character is done well, especially in being emotional during the worse part of each happening, and this makes her feel truly human. However, the character that I unexpectedly like the most is Alejandro, acted by Benicio del Toro. His character is very calm, experienced, cold-blooded at first but actually holds a tragic past for his current situation and doings. It’s a bit cliché but a really well-done cliché nonetheless. Lastly, the soundtrack is just suitable for each scene, and they really raise the tension and also the ‘silentness’ of some necessary scenes. Oh yeah, one more thing, I just love the skies that they show in the film, such beautiful nature that really is in contrast with the events that are happening.


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Sicario Film Review (2015) – Revenge of Hitman
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What's good
Very well paced
Very well directed, to the point that such slightly cliché premise can be made so engrossing
True to life characters with different moral compasses and reasons for their action
Great suitable soundtrack
Absolutely beautiful skies that are in contrast with the bloody events
What's bad
Premise is slightly predictable
Denis Villeneuve has given us yet another masterpiece of his own!
Sicario is one of the rare films that is helmed by a masterful director that is able to pair it with an awesomely talented cast, and together they form a film that is a masterpiece in its own right for its characters and true-to-life portrayal of the events!
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