L Storm Film Review [L 風暴] (2018) – Action Thriller Trilogy

L Storm Film Review [L 風暴] (2018) – Action Thriller Trilogy

(This is the L Storm film review, which is a 2018 Hong Kong action crime thriller film that is the 3rd film in the Storm series directed by David Lam)

L Storm is the 3rd film in the Storm series and this time it features back the renowned Louis Koo who has been catching criminals in the previous two films. It is directed by David Lam and also features some new casts such as Kevin Cheng and Stephy Tang, and it also serves as the debut film role for Adam Pak. Without further ado, let’s see if the series could still hold on to its fire with almost the same formula in the L Storm film review below!



Investigator William Luk, portrayed by Louis Koo, is on another hunt as there are intels involving corruption and money laundering that involves people from the Mainland China. One of the Customs Officers is the prime suspect, but he and his team could not find enough evidence to capture him. Just then, someone has accused William that he has been laundering the money himself, but this time with a pretty concrete proof that he did. Could William manage to evade from both the police and the other triads before he can clear his name?

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Louis Koo, this time behind the prison bar instead…

L Storm Film Review

The L Storm follows the almost similar and familiar formula of most of the Hong Kong action thriller films. In fact, it follows it to the heart and I could say that this really makes the story pretty predictable. It’s a pity that the director could not make a slight change or at least a twist to the formula. The action scenes are pretty well done, and I could feel the tension rising as the characters fight with weapons and fists. Some of the fighting choreographies are pretty sick, which really signifies the experience of Hong Kong cinema in its action choreography. Pacing wise though, it’s pretty good as there are a nice balance of action, tense and quiet scenes, even including some comedic moments.

The characters themselves are of the same old cliché, where the teammates are mostly minor characters with only some speaking lines, and the girls are there for their beauty, though some of them are pretty beautiful. The antagonist and the main character is just okay, but Adam Pak’s performance as the bad guy does change it up a bit with his personalities, and fighting style. Otherwise, don’t expect too much characterisation from this movie. Soundtrack wise it’s pretty normal, with the familiar tracks that are very typical of Hong Kong cinema, and is there basically just for increasing tension or make things more dramatic, but they are not very memorable.


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L Storm Film Review [L 風暴] (2018) – Action Thriller Trilogy
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What's good
Great fighting choreography
Adam Pak's performance and character is pretty interesting
Fast pacing that does not bore you at all
What's bad
Predictable story
Not much twists
Non-memorable soundtrack
Follows the formula of Hong Kong cinema too dedicatedly
Pretty Good!
The 3rd film is still brewing the storm, but it's getting weaker.
It manages to maintain its fun and tense factor in this 3rd film, but with the same old formula, it is now saved thanks to the great fighting choreographies. The Storm is dying.
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