Big Hero 6 Film Review (2014) – Robot Superhero Story

Big Hero 6 Film Review (2014) – Robot Superhero Story

(This is the Big Hero 6 film review, which is a 2014 Pixar film that is filled with characters set in a futuristic Tokyo x San Francisco city, and also the first Pixar film to feature Marvel superheroes)

Pixar is at it again and this time it features something that is a bit different. First of all, the main character is half Japanese and half White and living in a futuristic city that seems to be a mesh of Tokyo and San Francisco. It is directed by the renowned duo directors Don Hall and Chris Williams, who has directed the equally famous Moana. What’s more, this film is inspired by Marvel superhero comics and actually feature some of them inside too! Without further ado, let’s delve on the Big Hero 6 film review below!



Hiro Hamada is a young talented teenager in everything robotic, and his brother Tadashi is enrolled in one of the best institutes of technology in the city. There, he is introduced to a health care robot Baymax, but things took a turn for the worse when one of Hiro’s inventions are being used for evil by a mysterious masked man. Could he and his friends save the city from incoming danger?

Big Hero 6 film review hiro and baymax controller companies

Hiro and Baymax, the ultimate duo!


Big Hero 6 Film Review

I must say that this film is pretty typical of Pixar’s style, where it has bright colours complete with amazing as usual animation that really makes the characters seem relatable and emotional. The setting is set in a cool futuristic city that is a mix of modernity and heritage, sort of like a future Japan with some of its famous designs on a road that looks like part of USA. Even the characters are mixed, they look half white half Japanese, and Hiro’s hair is pretty awesome that reflects the Gatsby style. Onto the story, it is quite predictable in a sense, though the antagonist will no doubt still surprises some minds. It is first and foremost very Pixar story that does not have as much depth that I hope it possesses. Pacing wise, it is pretty good, and things just flow smoothly and interestingly, you will never get bored with any of the scenes.

Characters wise, this film really has really delivered in this department. Each of the characters is unique and full of personality. Take Hiro for example, he is someone who is very relatable in terms of his personality, just like any teenagers do, and his actions are also believable. His friends are the same, they have their own memorable moments, and none of them feel fake. In fact, the characterisation in this film is more than sufficient to cover the cons of the simplicity of the story. I simply love the characters themselves. Lastly, for soundtrack wise, it is a mesh of hip-hop and futuristic tunes that are inspired by anime openings, and I freaking love them! It brings out the fighting and action scenes and injects some necessary excitement, a feeling you have when you are watching some badass anime openings.


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Big Hero 6 Film Review (2014) – Robot Superhero Story
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What's good
Relatable, interesting and memorable characters
The Pixar quality animation
Great pacing
Awesome soundtracks
The visual style that is mix of modern Japan and ancient Kyoto
What's bad
Simplistic story
Story is pretty predictable
Pixar has delivered again!
With its amazing animation coupled with cool superhero concept and a futuristic setting that is a mix of Tokyo and ancient Kyoto, PLUS the damn awesome soundtrack, this film has become a must-watch for Pixar fans and any moviegoers alike!
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