The Girl who creates Weapons at Home! – Deborah Wong

The Girl who creates Weapons at Home! – Deborah Wong

(This is the 5th Life Review Interview and this time we are choosing to feature someone who’s not yet famous but knows what she wants to do and has been doing it for years, one step at a time!) 

Hidden somewhere in the Tampines area in Singapore lies a house that lives a girl who crafts her own deadly ‘weapons’ inspired from video games, movies or tv-series. As we moved into her room, we were surprised to see that she has a full shelf stocked up with the required materials such as paints and some other necessary stuff. What’s more, in the room that she shares with her siblings, half of it has been turned into her own workshop in the corner.

Deborah Wong Tampines

Her own room that she converted to a small workshop.


After this, Deborah Wong sat down and began to brush up one of her almost completed sword prototype inspired by the Alice: Madness Returns game. She uses her iPad to view reference images as well as using it to download the 3D models of the item that she wishes to create. Her work is very detailed as she strives to achieve a 100% recreation of the weapon, and because of this, each work might take her around 2 weeks to complete. Every single pattern and colours are referenced and carved skillfully onto the mold. We were really impressed with her attention to details that are often missed by others who create sub-standard copies.

Deborah Wong

Brushing up the weapon!


She is also an avid collector on several toys and merchandises and is proud to show it to us her collection that spans almost a decade. Deborah Wong told us that she is influenced by her father, who comes from Hong Kong, and he is also a collector of such items.

Deborah Wong Tampines

This is just 5% of her total collectibles! She loves mini-cars!


So far, she has finished a few weapons and costumes from the famous game Team Fortress 2, particularly the Pyro set such as the gun and the mask. Her works are really top notch and we are surprised at the build quality. Furthermore, the weapon itself has a built-in mechanic to fire just like in the game, and it has a satisfying and believable weight that makes you feel like you are holding the real weapon itself. Pretty slick!

Deborah Wong

Her hand-crafted weapon made in her room workshop!

Deborah Wong Weapons

Posing with her guns.


Deborah Wong dreams to move into a bigger workshop where she is able to create bigger and better quality products. Right now, we are planning to partner with her to help her start her own first crowd-fund, as currently, most of her project expenses are from her own pay from her other works. For those that are interested in commissioning her, feel free to comment or email us regarding your request and we will update you with the crowd-fund orders and milestones.

Meanwhile, she is now preparing to build her next big project and we wish her all the best!

(For more details on her works, check out Deborah Wong’s website:


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