ReBorn Film Review (2016) – Japanese John Wick

ReBorn Film Review (2016) – Japanese John Wick

(This is the ReBorn film review, which is a 2016 Japanese film that is action-filled)

Most assassins work alone and does not have any relatives, this movie is as cliche as any others. Tak Sakaguchi is known for his appearance in Ryuhei Kitamura‘s film, Versus. Now, he is being dubbed as the Japanese John Wick in this film, ReBorn. Can this film be more exciting than killing with a pencil or will it be a disappointment? Read on the ReBorn film review below to find out!



Toshiro, nicknamed “Ghost”, was a legendary soldier during his special ops era. He was rumoured to have the ability to penetrate enemy defenses. take out targets, and even dodge bullets. But he chose to leave it all behind and start a new life raising an adopted daughter, Sachi. Toshiro also frequently visits a psychiatrist to consult his post-war syndromes, where he also confesses that he doesn’t feel any fear or remorse when it comes to killing. His new life wasn’t as simple as he thought when old remnants of the team approach him one by one with killing intent.

Reborn Film review Tak shakaguchi

An ex-assassin with his daughter?


ReBorn Film Review

This film has started off pretty badly, without any proper introduction, it may seem to be a style widely used in assassination movies. But this movie, it doesn’t explain it even till the end. There were many queries as to how he left the team, and what exactly happened to his wheelchair-bound blind friend.

However, the film was saved pretty much because of its action-filled, and thrilling kills. Each assassination was incredibly unique to one another and no two kills seem the same. Director Yuji Shimomura captures the action balance well with close-ups and wide shots, with minimal editing. Working along with fight choreographer Yoshitaka Inagawa to achieve a style known as Zero Range Combat. Toshiro uses weapons that are common to ninjas too, such as sickle and spade, setting him aside from John Wick.

Finally, as it comes to an end, it was almost an anti-cliche end. But, ultimately we wouldn’t want to end up with an orphan anyway, knowing how cute Yura Kondo is.


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ReBorn Film Review (2016) – Japanese John Wick
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What's good
Decent good pacing
The fight scenes
Interesting combat style
Protagonist does not feel overpowered
What's bad
Shallow storyline
Abrupt ending
Fcking Bad!
This film is saved only due to its intense fight scenes and combat style!
The heart of most, if not all, assassins is always pure good. They're doing it for a bigger cause but many may not agree. Afterall, if you kill a killer, the number of killers in the world remains the same right. Nevertheless, the movie is worth watching for it's assassination kills, but the story could have been better.
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