Mission Impossible: Fallout Film Review (2018) – Ethan Explosive Return

Mission Impossible: Fallout Film Review (2018) – Ethan Explosive Return

(This is the Mission Impossible Fallout film review, which is a 2018 film that is the sixth film in the MI series)

After 3 years, Ethan Hunt is back to grace the screen with more actions, guns, and stunts! No one can doubt that Tom Cruise still has what it takes to reprise his role as the iconic spy, even after 22 years! Furthermore, this is the first film that is directed by the same director right after the prequel, Christopher McQuarrie! Now with some of the actors also reprising back their roles, including the antagonist, could this Mission Impossible be possible better than the rest? Read on the Mission Impossible Fallout film review below to find out!



When the antagonist of the previous film, Rogue Nation, was captured, his leftover group becomes a terrorist syndicate that aims to destroy the ‘old rules of the society’. Ethan Hunt is tasked to prevent this, but he is also hunted by the CIA and his own people. To make matters worse, his old allies are also going against him. Could he manage to complete his mission successfully?

Mission Impossible Fallout film review Ethan Hunt

Ethan Hunt is back in a darker and bigger way!


Mission Impossible: Fallout Film Review

This series has always been a bit up and down for me. I didn’t particularly like all of them. I think my favorite was actually the third… Until now because the sixth entry in this series just completely blows it out of the ballpark. Let’s sit here and think about that for a moment. This is the sixth movie, SIXTH, and it, in my opinion, outdid the past 5 movies in many aspects. In a world where some sequels don’t even live up to the original, this film is a god damned miracle.

Plot-wise, I won’t spoil too much but I will say that the pacing is breakneck. It really doesn’t let up. Something is always going on always causing you to tense up be it in a thrilling action sequence or even some of the dialogue. And throughout all of this, there are still brief interjections of slower emotional moments that feel like a swift punch to the gut before the film sets off sprinting again, giving you no time to rest almost forcing you to compartmentalise just like an actual spy would have to. Yet, the emotional moments do not feel forced in the least and completely fit into the story. They just work.

Character-wise I think everyone is great here but of course, the main focus is on Tom cruise and what little character development if any, goes to him.

Now the main strength of this film, the action sequences and the camerawork. These are all real stunts actually being performed by Tom cruise himself and when you realise that it’s truly exhilarating watching these genuinely dangerous sequences. Not only that they are beautifully captured by a very kinetic camera in very creative ways. The camera is rarely static and is always following the action and yet capturing everything nicely, not in a shaky cam way too close up kind of way. Some of the sequences are so technically boggling that I actually want to watch the movie again to admire them.

The one flaw I would point out is that the plot flies by so fast there are certain details that are never really explained and we kind of just skip over certain sequences and we never quite see/learn how our characters end up where we end up just finding them in the thick of it at times. But, the franchise has done this before and it does work for the film.

I did feel like the overall vibe of the film, it’s pacing and its action sequences actually do kind of remind me of Uncharted. I know Cruise is a fan of the series and has paid homage to certain action sequences in his previous films not limited to the series but this particular film does feel like it borrowed quite a bit and sprinkled them throughout the film. Not saying it’s a bad thing just a thought.


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Mission Impossible: Fallout Film Review (2018) – Ethan Explosive Return
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What's good
Just absolutely exhilarating action sequences with mindboggling camera work
Pacing does not let up and even the rare slow emotional moment does not feel out of place and does not slow it down
Cinematography, even in the midst of all the action there are some absolutely beautiful shots
Motherfucking Tom Cruise doing all his own death-defying stunts holy shit
What's bad
Plot flies so fast that certain plot details feel glossed over
Perhaps the best Mission Impossible ever!
This is a rare gem that actually manages to surpass all of its previous films and Tom Cruise is still as dashing as ever in his stunt works completed with beautifully choreographed camera works!
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