Skyscraper Film Review (2018) – Fire versus Rock

Skyscraper Film Review (2018) – Fire versus Rock

(This is the Skyscraper film review, which is a 2018 film that features The Rock and set in Hong Kong)

Dwayne Johnson has been on the silver screen pretty actively these days and this time he portrays a father who has to save his family from a burning building in Hong Kong! With the film being somewhat inspired by movies such as Die Hard and also being similar to The Towering Inferno, we can kind of expect it to be a very action-oriented film. This film also marks the first movie directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber which is not a comedy movie. Without further ado, let’s delve into the burning fire tower in the Skyscraper film review below!



The world’s tallest skyscraper has been built in Hong Kong and former FBI Will Sawyer moves into it with his family. He owns a business monitoring the safety of skyscrapers, but little did he realise that a terrorist group is aiming to burn the building in order to accomplish their goals. Could Will manage to save his family from the inferno that goes sky high? And could he uncover the secret that the building hides that attracts such a terrorist group?

Skyscraper film review The Rock Controller Companies film review

Do not anger The Rock…for even fire can’t stop him!


Skyscraper Film Review

Story-wise, this film is basically VERY predictable, as you can tell from its title and premise, there is not much depth in the premise at all. So we see a bunch of terrorists attacking the building to get something from the owner of the building and the main character just happened to get trapped into it with his family. This story is pure action and visual and also to show how powerful The Rock is, even when his leg is amputated here. With that said, the pacing is actually pretty good, as we are introduced to many of the characters and the antagonists relatively early. The same goes for the action scenes, which begin very fast and the movie straight away flows on a steroid after the 20mins mark till the end with almost non-stop tense and action scenes. Visual effects help in creating some pretty tensing apocalypse style scenes as well.

The characters are actually quite shallow, and this is to be expected from such a movie. Do not expect some deep motive behind each character’s action or intention. Not even the main character has depth, as he is just a guy who wants to save his family. The antagonist is pretty lame as well. Though I must say Dwayne Johnson’s persona helps to shine the light into this movie with some comedic and bad-ass actions. Safe to say, we are watching this movie just for him. Lastly, the soundtrack is ok, nothing too special that is different from action movie genres.


Skyscraper Film Review (2018) – Fire versus Rock
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What's good
Dwayne Johnson charisma
Non-stop tensing and action scenes
Great CGI
What's bad
Uninspiring premise
Shallow characters and antagonist
Just decent soundtracks
TOO predictable
It's okay
This film is only for Dwayne Johnson's fans!
With a very predictable plot combines with shallow characters and antagonist, this film would have probably flopped harder has it not been for the appearance and charisma of Dwayne Johnson. That said, this film is a good summer family flick who likes to watch simple action film.
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