Donnie Darko Film Review (2001) – Creepy Bunny Gyllenhaal

Donnie Darko Film Review (2001) – Creepy Bunny Gyllenhaal

(This is the Donnie Darko film review, which is a cult science fiction film released in 2001)

Most, if not all, time travel stories are about saving the world. This film is no difference either, but it isn’t your typical time machine traveling. Every time travelers are accompanied by a mad scientist sidekick, but here we get a demonic-looking, creepy bunny-suited man, with a monotonous tone. If you’re still not convinced that this is going to be the greatest time travel movie of all time, do note that you’d have to watch it more than once to figure this one out. Without further ado, let’s delve deeper into the Donnie Darko film review below!



Donnie Darko, also the title of this movie, is a teenage protagonist who suffers from sleepwalking. One night he was awoken by a bunny figure calling out his name and informs Donnie of the world ending in 28 days. The next morning, Donnie wakes up at a golf course and upon reaching home, realise that a jet engine has fallen into his room. Has Donnie just cheated death by sleepwalking, or did his schizophrenic imaginary bunny help Donnie escape death?

Donnie Darko film review young jack gyllehaan

A young Jack escaping Death…but can he?


Donnie Darko Film Review

First of all, this is not a movie to be experienced, but a puzzle to be solved and we are involved in it. This movie is about sets of events that doesn’t make sense in its own but pieces up perfectly in a different level. Moviegoers would come together and discuss the many different explanations for this movie. Check out Youtube and you will be surprised by the number of people with their own explanation videos, just in case people like us left the movie with unsettling and heart-burning questions. We’re familiar with the usual time travel machines, input date/coordinates, hit the button, white light flashes, and then the protagonist emerges in another time or space. Yet this movie doesn’t have that straightforward, flashy machine, neither does it tell you that the protagonist has traveled through time. A perfect fusion of teen drama genre, with a sense of horror thrills, and the most fantasy ever time travel plot.

Much like the famous 2010 Inception, the end of this movie is the part that makes you wanna watch again. The first time, you’d think you figured it out, only to be wronged on the second time, and since third times the charm, hopefully, is when you would spot more details. We have to admit that the first-time writer-director Richard Kelly, has written extremely well for this movie. There are as many quotable recounts as each believable dialogues and characters.

The main protagonist, Donnie Darko, emits a curious aura throughout the movie. His mind a puzzle to us and he himself, which kept the movie in suspense as Donnie unfolds the meaning of world end, warned by the bunny. Richard Kelly has also inserted dark humor into the character which was only made successful, because of casting Jake Gyllenhaal. His comical sense and laid back personality create a greater tension in the midst of all these odd events centering on Donnie. In a world where adults and teachers try to simplify things into two extremes, Donnie is a walking rebel, with complex human emotions. He who

provoked the irrationality of the teacher’s judgement, to categorise things into right and wrong, fear and love. But things aren’t that simple, even if we desire it to be. Even the name ‘Donnie Darko’ sounds familiarly like a comic book hero.


Donnie Darko Film Review (2001) – Creepy Bunny Gyllenhaal
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What's good
Great pacing
Unpredictable plot
1980s atmosphere and setting
Surprising ending
What's bad
Monotonous voice of the characters
A mini-masterpiece!
Disclaimer alert though, this movie is not for everyone. Haters gonna hate, but lovers gonna replay it over and over again. And if you're as empathetic as me, you're probably gonna cry too. Nevertheless, this is a highly recommended film from me if you're into time travel and putting pieces of puzzle even after the movie has ended. And also, have fun finding and understanding all the Easter eggs in this film. Everything, every numbers has a unique interactions and meaning in this plot.
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