What’s Eating Gilbert Grape Film Review (1993) – Depp Dicaprio Debut!

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape Film Review (1993) – Depp Dicaprio Debut!

(This is the What’s Eating Gilbert Grape film review, which is a 1993 film that starred the 3 famous actors and actresses in their teens.)

‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?’ is a film that is as old as the 93s kids. This is the movie where young Leonardo DiCaprio receives his first academy award nomination. The beginning of his successful acting career and four years before the classic Titanic film, that rose his popularity (no pun intended). Besides Leonardo DiCaprio, there are two more notable successful actors and actress, Johnny Depp and Juliette Lewis. Little did the three know then, that they’d be so successful in the future, but this movie was already promising of their capabilities. Read on the What’s Eating Gilbert Grape film review to see whether they are already showing their acting prowess in the early days!



When the family’s father decided to commit suicide, Gilbert (Depp) had to take over the role as man of the house. Gilbert had to juggle between his job, as a grocery store clerk, and taking care for his family. He has a morbidly obese mother, who hasn’t moved away from the living room couch since the death of his father seven years ago; A mentally challenged brother, Arnie (DiCaprio), who is turning 18 soon; Two sisters, Amy and Ellen, that helps Gilbert with the household chores. More challenges await Gilbert as the story unfolds with new characters, and when Arnie was almost lost by the negligence of Gilbert. Can Gilbert embrace the heavy responsibility maturely or will he succumb to the stress and run away?

What's Eating Gilbert Grape film review Johnny depp and juliet

The Young Johnny Depp!


What’s Eating Gilbert Grape Film Review

This film, is more than a movie, is a piece of art. The film focuses more on the natural acting of their casts. There isn’t much plot to it, or rather the plot isn’t very obvious to the viewers. It has brought light to the challenges that people face in America such as single parenthood, a family with a down syndrome member, body shaming, discrimination, and adultery. This subtle plot of the film, has a profound ending, a test of responsibilities. Especially for, the sole breadwinner of the family.

Even though the director is European, he was able to bring out the American slice of life. He was so detailed on the reality and did not exaggerate in any aspect that could be exaggerated. He was able to touch on such a niche subject, with tenderness, thus portraying the deep human connections between the characters.

As for the actors, many thumbs up to Leonardo DiCaprio for putting such convincing performance in his impactful character, he was able to bring life into this film. Needless to say, Johnny Depp was superb too, while many may not be used to seeing him in long hair, besides being Jack Sparrow, he turns out to be charming and very very young, without his iconic facial hair. His character, Gilbert, is strong-minded and has a tidy way of solving each of the problems, doesn’t show his good perspective, and definitely doesn’t want to show his weakness. On the other hand, Juliette Lewis is still stunning with her extremely short hair and supportive instincts.


What’s Eating Gilbert Grape Film Review (1993) – Depp Dicaprio Debut!
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Realistic plot
Generous acting
What's bad
A little too slow on the pace which can almost bore you
Quite Bad!
Unexpectedly, their early days are not really the best indicator of their present status!
Being able to chance upon this film from another movie addict, this film was definitely not a disappointment at all, but there were many rooms for improvement. There was no doubt that young Depp and Dicaprio was already so promising from this movie alone. The heart warming reward came at the end of their efforts, as the ending was such an extreme tear-jerker.
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