Hotel Artemis Film Review (2018) – Criminal Loving Hotel

Hotel Artemis Film Review (2018) – Criminal Loving Hotel

(This is the Hotel Artemis film review, which is a dystopian neo-noir crime film that is released in 2018)

Hotel Artemis is the film feature debut of Drew Pearce, who has worked on Iron Man 3, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and British tv comedy No Heroic. It is a film that is quite artistic in concept and also stars famous actors such as Jodie Foster, Sterling K. Brown, Sofia Boutella and Jeff Goldblum. With it being a debut, will this film be a hit that is expected by the audience or his fan? Or perhaps it would be a massive failure caused by the lack of experience? Read on the Hotel Artemis film review below to find out!



Hotel Artemis is a very special hotel with more than two decades of service that treats criminals. However, when a group of robbers unintentionally stole a precious pen from the boss of the hotel itself, things start to go awry. What then could these robbers do to survive from the Kingpin of the criminals in the city?

Hotel Artemis film review the three characters

The result of a failed robbery…


Hotel Artemis Film Review

Hotel Artemis reminds me of another film, free fire. It feels more like a short story, an infant of a full-fledged idea. That’s not to say it’s not entertaining, after all, longer isn’t always better.

Plot-wise, the structure is actually pretty interesting. We are given a crash course introduction to the chaotic state the city is in, to Hotel Artemis itself and of course the characters themselves. Everyone kind of has their own story and they kind of crisscross with one another, creating a lot of tension. It’s a lot of opposing characters thrown into a pressure cooker of a situation and everything comes crashing together at the end all at once. I appreciated the planning that took. For the most part, it was a lot of tense dialogue with all the action coming only at the end. Once again, it really feels more like a short story rather than a full film… A film that really could not have been made and nothing would have changed?

Character-wise, we have a star-studded cast here and everyone was excellent in their roles. Jodie Foster especially gave an excellent performance, incorporating a lot of minor tics and quirks that really proves the devil is in the details. However, most of the characters never really get much development.

Set design and the atmosphere of the film is also commendable.

It’s a film that’s really just okay. It had potential but didn’t go that extra mile to reach it in my opinion.


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Hotel Artemis Film Review (2018) – Criminal Loving Hotel
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What's good
Interesting, well-acted characters
Tense situation with expertly intersected plot lines
All the action comes at the end, before that there's only tense dialogue to be found
What's bad
An inconsequential film, feels more like a short story
Most characters are never really expanded upon
Pretty Good!
A decent feature film directorial debut!
It may not be perfect, but if we account that fact that it's his first feature film debut, then I say that he has a potential to learn from his mistakes to create a potential future hit!
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