American Animals Film Review (2018) – Grand University Robbery

American Animals Film Review (2018) – Grand University Robbery

(This is the American Animals film review, which is a crime drama movie released in 2018 by Bart Layton)

American Animals, a crime drama film that is premiered on this year’s Sundance Film Festival, is a film that is a bit different from the usual. Firstly, it’s directed by Bart Layton, the same guy who directed the acclaimed film The Imposter. It also stars plenty of famous casts like Evan Peters, Barry Keoghan, Blake Jenner, Jared Abrahamson, Udo Kier, and Ann Dowd. This film is, in a way, similar to The Imposter in some ways with portraying real people that are superseded with some acted sequence. Could this be yet another hit from the director? Read on the American Animals film review below to see the answer!



American animals is the true story of the heist of some rare and valuable art books by 4 teenagers complete with interviews by the actual people involved. It comprised of real footages from the Transylvania University in Kentucky, where the four culprits each has a reason to do the unthinkable heist. This movie will describe the course from the beginning till the end, but will this be the true story that actually happened?

American Animals film review the heist team

The team that will begin the heist!


American Animals Film Review

Story-wise it is actually pretty interesting as we get frequent interjections by the actual people about how things went down. It is a very unconventional “heist” film and a compelling drama to boot. You feel like you’re right there on the journey with them. The excitement and trepidation of planning the heist, of getting that rebellious feeling that you’re on the verge of doing something great with your life, the nervousness that comes with the realisation of what they may or may not pull off and how everything just goes downhill from there. I was for the most part thoroughly entertained but the film may feel a bit draggy in the middle.

Character-wise, they were all beautifully and realistically realised by the actors and actresses not to mention having the actual people make comments here and there just lends to the authenticity of the film.

I also felt the cinematography was very fresh and had very interesting angles and shots. The soundtrack was pretty good too and suited the moments they were used in. There’s not that much else to say without spoiling it but I wholly enjoyed this movie and it just felt so different and fresh.


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American Animals Film Review (2018) – Grand University Robbery
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What's good
Faithful portrayal of characters and events accompanied by interviews from the actual people
Entertaining look into the event
Interesting cinematography
What's bad
The middle portion can feel a bit draggy
Pretty Good!
One of the better film representation of the heist!
With its interesting cinematography choices, and also faithful reproduction of the event, this film will bring you into a great heist movie ride!
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