A Year On: Remembrance

A Year On: Remembrance

It’s been a year, Gong Gong Po Po (grandparents in Chinese). It’s been one year since I saw you guys face to face, and it’s been a year since your bodies have left this world and in the form of silent ashes. It’s weird, I don’t feel much sadness while standing there praying in front of your pictures.


I can only remember the irreplaceable memories that you have given me. Memories that span from childhood till just a year ago. Memories that serve as lifelong lessons that I plan to learn from and uphold the values that you have taught me.

I will be a better person as you have hoped. For your deaths are the most peaceful one I have seen; and that I know somewhere out there you are still smiling at me…at us…and is awaiting the day we can be the grandchildren that you will be proud to have in your lifetime.

Till then, I will improve further. Till then, I will always remember your words; for these are the ones that will last long till the end of my own time.


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