Laplace’s Witch Film Review [ラプラスの魔女] (2018) – Japanese Weird Mystery

Laplace’s Witch Film Review [ラプラスの魔女] (2018) – Japanese Weird Mystery

(This is the Laplace’s Witch film review, which is Japanese movie released in 2018)

There have been many films that deals with strange murders over the years and this year, Laplace’s Witch is yet another offering from the Land of the Rising Sun that deals with this genre. It is directed by Takashi Miike, a director who has done other films such as Ace Attorney and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure live action films. This film is based on the novel of the same name by Keigo Higashino and stars Sho Sakurai and Suzu Hirose, the latter appeared in The Third Murder film as well. Without further ado, let’s delve below in the Laplace’s Witch film review to see if this film is worth your time!



A mysterious incident occurred when two people are poisoned by hydrogen sulfide in two different hot springs. The investigators are trying to pinpoint whether they are accidents or part of a meticulously planned murder. Professor Shusuke, a geochemist is tasked with investigating the cause and he found another person who may have links to the cases, though things are getting unclear and confusing. Could he solve the mystery crime using only his knowledge?

Laplace's Witch film review Sho Sakurai

A geochemist who inadvertently becomes a detective.


Laplace’s Witch Film Review

Laplace’s Witch. Watch this show and you’ll be put under her spell…which will put you to sleep. Like seriously this show is unbelievably boring.

Plot-wise, this film thinks it’s a lot smarter than it really is. The pacing is abysmal and there’s a lot of slow methodical dialogue with some grandiose content which you really don’t care that much about. The camera lingers on the actor’s faces for way too long and they emote in a very delayed, mechanical way. I don’t think their bad actors but maybe due to some direction given or something, the acting is just really very obvious and that’s really bad as good acting will actually go unnoticed. The way the film is edited together especially the cuts, the camera angles during dialogue, the sound design and… Just in general how the story is presented. I am unsure if it was a deliberate artistic choice but the end result was just extremely confusing and at certain moments even felt amateurish. There were even certain scenes where it felt like different takes were strung together and it wasn’t very subtle.

Character-wise, they are all rather one dimensional and you don’t get much character growth and I felt like I barely cared for anyone. You also barely get to know anything about one of the main characters and they even tried to give him a rushed growth which felt very undeserved and illogical.

The main “trick” of the film is also never really explained in grounded terms. It is quite literally “magic” and in my opinion lazy script writing. To be honest this movie just felt more like a long episode of a serialised drama series, and not a very good one at that. It is also one of the only movies I have ever felt like walking out of the cinema and to not even bother finishing it.


Laplace’s Witch Film Review [ラプラスの魔女] (2018) – Japanese Weird Mystery
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What's good
Interesting concept but executed poorly
What's bad
Pacing is abysmal, one of the most boring films I've watched in a long time
Editing very weird and a lot of scenes and dialogue overlap with one another, causing disorientation
Long monologues coupled with deliberately slow deliveries really made the antagonist(s) very annoyingly self-absorbed and theatrical which did not work at all
Little setup and screentime for one of the main characters
Mystery not explained in grounded terms, basically equivalent to "magic"
Fcking Bad!
One of the worst Jap mystery films ever!
Be careful of the Witch...for it is able to cast the ultimate spell of boringness that will make you sleep and regret ever watching this film. Beware!
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