The Thunderstorm

The Thunderstorm

It’s currently 3.47AM and I’m sitting in Costa Coffee, in Indira Gandhi Airport, New Delhi, every ounce of fatigue gone after 2 cups of flavored latte. Here I am, sitting, pondering upon the event that just took place a few hours ago, how I handled the situation and came upon a realization that I have come a long way and no longer the girl I used to be.

I was on my flight from Doha, Qatar to New Delhi, India to catch my other flight to Kuala Lumpur. It wasn’t a connecting flight and I was supposed to claim my baggage and clear the custom in India, which I thought was manageable since I was supposed to have 2 and a half hours layover to do everything.

Then the thunderstorm happened. The plane shook and was just going in a circle in the air, unable to land in New Delhi due to the bad weather. Then the plane rerouted to Lucknow (never heard of it until today) and I thought, “oh shit”. Now the old me, the inexperienced traveler, would have panicked (accelerated heartbeat, sweaty palms, the urge to burst out in tears, the usual tell-tale).

But I found myself calmly inquiring the situation from one of the cabin crews, assessing my options and possible solutions to my predicament. My mind quietly shifted gear and got to work in listing the things I had to do. Contact my mother and my boyfriend to inform them of my circumstance. Ask the airlines about the possibility of rescheduling and other alternatives if this avenue cannot be explored.

Of course, 80% of the things I had to do involved having an internet connection, which, unfortunately, I didn’t possess. So, I plucked my courage and asked the guy sitting next to me if he could turn on his internet hotspot. Guess what, we ended up being friends. Not only he provided me access to the internet, he also lent me his phone and helped me talked to the airlines on the flight I was supposed to catch.

I missed one flight already and I’m going to miss another one which I was supposed to catch the next morning but no longer possible due to the time restraint. I had to rebook 2 new flights and rush from one country to another. Am I stressed? I am actually finding myself quite calm after the storm (literally and figuratively).

There is always a lesson to be learned from every situation. What have I learned from what happened to me today? First, I could have stressed about the whole thing, just sitting with a numb mind, thinking “why?” but it won’t make any difference. It’s a waste of energy. Focusing my energy on the solution is the right course of action. Second, sometimes, problems are not actually as massive as it seems in our head. Everything is solvable, eventually. One day, I’m going to look back to this day and think, “Hey, I handled that situation pretty good.”

I’m a firm believer of everything happens for a reason and this situation I had found myself in today was no different. If it wasn’t for missing my flights, I wouldn’t be learning these important lessons. The mind records anything and everything that can potentially save our lives in the future. Every problem in our lives serves a purpose. It teaches us what to do and what not to do in the future and I have learned exactly what not to do on my next trip.

It is now 4.33AM and I have been productive for the past couple of hours, rereading the book I wrote (final reading and editing before I submit it to publishers) and sharing this experience with you (whoever you are) through this writing, hoping maybe you can learn something too from my experience without having to experience it.

I have still another hour and a half to kill and I’m going to use every second of it to work. For the first time, I’m actually not sleepy after a sleepless night. Maybe it’s the 2 cups of very potent latte. Maybe it’s the burning passion I’m currently feeling. Whichever it is, I’m on fire.

Today’s mantra: I survived the thunderstorm. I’m unstoppable.


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