Inuyashiki Film Review [いぬやしき] (2018) – Alien x Android x Human

Inuyashiki Film Review [いぬやしき] (2018) – Alien x Android x Human

(This is the Inuyashiki film review, which is Japanese movie released in 2018 that is adapted from a manga with the same name)

Inuyashiki centers around 2 ppl who gain “god-like powers”. One a downtrodden Old man who uses it for selfless acts, the other a young “attractive” teen who uses it for selfish acts. The whole film is based on the manga series by Hiroya Oku, who is also the author of Gantz. It is directed by the famed director Shinsuke Sato, who has directed plenty of anime/manga based live-action movies such as Death Note Light Up the World and Gantz. Now then, would this movie be yet another of his hits? Read on the Inuyashiki film review below to find out!



Inuyashiki Ichiro is a typical middle-aged Japanese man with not much social life as well as an uncaring family. One day, an explosion occurs which causes him to gain

Inuyashiki Film Review Inuyashiki Ichiro

The old man who gains a God-like power – Inuyashiki Ichiro!


Inuyashiki Film Review

Plot-wise, the pacing is actually pretty slow but I think they do set up the characters nicely especially the antagonist so you can almost empathise as to where he’s coming from. I did feel like the character motivation for the protagonist was kind of weak, being that he’s simply a goody two shoes. I also feel like they didn’t showcase more of them using their powers and everything just kind of came to a head way too fast at the end.

Character-wise, I actually felt the antagonist’s character was much more interesting and rather enjoyed his arc. Though that may be a personal thing as I lean more towards darker themes. I feel the acting was fine? But you do end up feeling more swept up in the emotions especially towards the end where a blend of acting and editing does make for some semi-moving moments.

The effects, for the most part, weren’t too shabby until the end conflict where the limitations really shone through.

I actually didn’t watch the anime but this movie does make me excited to watch the anime and I feel like, given the medium, a manga/anime would suit this story more as it can take its time and cover more ground.


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Inuyashiki Film Review [いぬやしき] (2018) – Alien x Android x Human
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What's good
Raises some interesting moral questions
Well set-up antagonist
What's bad
Pacing is quite slow, and once things start getting exciting it ends too fast
Special effects still lacking compared to western CGI
It's okay
A just decent film of the manga adaptation
Inuyashiki does a decent job of creating the live action out of a manga that is actually more philosophical than action. However, its slow pacing might deter some audience. Thankfully, the antagonist is well set up and this movie does raise some good moral questions.
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