The Incredibles 2 Film Review (2018) – Super Family Returns!

The Incredibles 2 Film Review (2018) – Super Family Returns!

(This is The Incredibles 2 film review, which is a movie released in 2018 and sequel to the original movie which is released in 2014)

The Incredibles 2 is finally back after 14 years onto the big screen! I’m pretty sure to many, the original movie is part of the childhood films that you have come to like and love. Now, Pixar and Brad Bird have gone all out and brought the sequel to us when we are adults to let us go back to our childhood memories, even if it’s only for 2 hours long. Anyway, without further ado, let’s check out The Incredibles 2 film review below to see if it is worth your 14 years waiting time!



The Incredibles, aka the Parr family, has to go into hiding once again as the world sought to ban superheroes due to the public damage caused by the battles with villains. However, a hero-loving tycoon Winston Deavour has plans for the Supers to become legal again, and he wants to recruit the Elasticgirl, Frozone and Bob as part of the initial strategy. Problems arise when a new villain appears who aims to ban superhero again. Could the Supers save the day as well as themselves from the potential eternal ban?

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When superheroes have to live a normal life again.


The Incredibles 2 Film Review

Omg, this film is finally released after more than a decade. I still remember watching it during my primary school period and was amazed at the quality of the film back then. Now, I am well living in my adulthood and yet something never changes. When I step into the cinema, it’s as if I time travel back to my younger self, and thus I have a pretty high expectation of this film.

Now, onto the premise, it’s nothing really special, as they just introduce a new villain, Screenslaver, who aims to make the ban on supers permanent. Seriously, this department is pretty lacking, and this movie does not bring about any surprising twists in this regard. However, the film makes it up by showing us much more of the Super’s life in hiding, and how each character has to face new obstacles and challenges in life, and these are very relatable to us. Some of these such as Bob becoming stay-at-home dad and Helen has to fight and break rules in order to gain publicity for the family to live normally again.

Next, the pacing is almost perfectly well-balanced, with a great number of family moments, action, comedy and badassness mixed into the whole length of the film. Perhaps it’s also due to nostalgia that I remained engross for most of the film run and also never going to the toilet even once! For the animations, they are still the Pixar quality and the artstyle is unique and stands out even among their other past films. Safe to say, you won’t be disappointed with their high-quality animation in both the actions and designs.

As for the characters, this film goes all out in this area. Each character’s growth is shown pretty clearly as they face their adversaries either in villains or in life. I like how each of the Parr family is able to grow and yet retain their core values or distinct personalities. And Jack-Jack becomes one of the main stars of the film with his powerful superpowers that also provide some comedic and cool moments in the film. The villains, however, are quite weak and does not really stand out like Syndrome, as Screenslaver is just like a much less polished Joker in the film. Lastly, the soundtracks are still awesome and they accentuate the dramatic moments as well as some of the quiet moments as well.


The Incredibles 2 Film Review (2018) – Super Family Returns!
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What's good
Same amazing Pixar animation quality
Story adds more scenes for characters growth moments
Pacing is incredibly paced
Jack-jack awesome multiple superpowers
Equally great and appropriate soundtracks
After 14 years, it's finally back!
What's bad
Villain is quite weak and does not stand out
Story wise it is not very original and there is not much surprising twists
The Incredibles 2 is back with characters growth!
Man oh man, this film does serve as a great sequel to a film sequel that we have been waiting for 14 years to be released. Disregarding its weak story and villain, the nostalgia, the characters growths and the amazing animation quality, this film still feels INCREDIBLE!


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