Kaala Film Review (2018) – Rajinikanth Slum Action

Kaala Film Review (2018) – Rajinikanth Slum Action

(This is the Kaala film review, which is a movie released in 2018 and has been dubbed into Hindi languages as well)

Kaala is one of the films that the Kollywood, aka Tamil Cinema, has released this year for fans of action drama sprinkled with the more typical story of a slum hero. It is directed by Pa. Ranjith, who is famous for his previous works Madras and Kabali, and Nana Patekarwho is equally famous for his roles as memorable villains in Bollywood. What’s more, it stars the actor who used to be one of the highest paid actors in the 2000s, Rajinikanth! Without further ado, could the expertise of both the director and the actor create another hit? Read on the Kaala Film Review to find out!



In Mumbai, there exists a Dharavi slum which is one of the biggest slums in the world. Many Tamils have taken their residences there, though a Union Minister Haridev plans to forcefully evict the people there in order to get his hand on those lands to build commercial projects. However, the leader of Dharavi, Kaala, opposes him and the two begins a deadly war against each other. Who will stand till the last fight?

Kaala Film review Raninikanth rain scene

The Dharavi Slum boss who is so badass!


Kaala Film Review

Man oh, man! I just love Indian cinema in the way they are able to dramatise a common event or story and makes them so badass! Let’s start with the basic premise itself, it’s about a bad guy who wants evict those slum dwellers from their houses in order to get the lands, and then we have the good guy trying to stop him. Story-wise, this film does not score any point on originality, as such story has been rehashed so many times in other movies. However, this is one of its cons, as the pacing for this movie is pretty good, with almost no scenes or sequences that are boring. This is an admirable feat for a film that is 2.5 hours long! There is a good balance of action, dances, music, quiet and emotional moments that you just feel for the characters and even start to like some of them in the end.

As for the characters, they don’t really stand out in terms of originality. However, the actors that portray them do such a great job of making them either very hatable or likable. This even applies to the minor characters which are full of unique personality and you will empathise them as the movie rolls. I especially love the main character here who is portrayed to be so badass in Indian-often-exaggerated fight scenes but also show that he is a human with some weaknesses, thus making him pretty relatable to the audience. Lastly, the music and dances are pretty atypical of the Indian Cinema. Sadly, most of them are quite unmemorable, except for one or two. What I do like, however, is that this movie employs more rap and hip-hop which brings in a refreshing change to the more traditional tunes.


Kaala Film Review (2018) – Rajinikanth Slum Action
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What's good
Plenty of badass exaggerated actions
Great balance of comedy, action and emotional moments
Wonderful actors performances
Minor characters are equally full of personalities
Hip-hop and rap infused soundtracks
What's bad
Story is not very original at all
Most of the songs and dances are quite unmemorable
Pretty Good!
Kaala follows a formula, but it also does it very well
Although it fails in terms of the originality of the story, the excellent performances of the actors as well as great pacing directing is more than enough to make this an enjoyable watch!


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