Acts of Vengeance Film Review (2017) – Banderas Revenge Thriller

Acts of Vengeance Film Review (2017) – Banderas Revenge Thriller

(This is Acts of Vengeance film review, a movie released in 2017)

It was a pure coincidence that I chose to watch this film with my family. Never heard of it. Just chose it at random. Directed by Isaac Florentine and starring Antonio Banderas (the main reason I wanted to watch it), the movie is about a lawyer trying to avenge the death of his wife and daughter. Let’s see what it’s all about in the Acts of Vengeance film review below!



Frank is a lawyer who has a knack with words. He is also a loving, caring family man. However, being a successful lawyer with a tight schedule and a husband and a father at the same time is not an easy feat and so as it happens, he missed an important event of his daughter, which ends in a murder of both his wife and daughter. As the investigation is going nowhere and is about to be frozen, Frank took the matter into his own hands. Will he be able to crack the case and avenge his wife and his daughter?

Acts of Vengeance film review Antonia Banderas

Revenge and Violence are the same sides of the same coin…


Acts of Vengeance Film Review

This is one of the movies where you have quite a mix feeling about it. It’s like when you watch it, you feel bored but as it flows, you learn a thing or two and you think, hmmm, maybe it’s not that bad. Frankly speaking, I chose this movie because first, there’s Antonio Banderas and second, because I expected some kick-ass action scenes (action being my favourite movie genre).

I have to say I was more disappointed than satisfied. The satisfaction lies within the lessons embedded in the movie. I love movies that teach me life lessons, imparting wisdom that I can apply in real life and this movie has just that one element. The action scenes are great, which I also love.

However, the pace of the movie was a tad too slow for my liking and the story is a bit all over the place. The characters are a bit messy too, and not well developed. I feel like apart from the main protagonist and antagonist characters, the rest of the cast are just sprinkled all over the movie to supply bits and pieces of information.

The movie was not bad but not that good either. I suppose I was expecting a bit more but overall, the important life lessons make the movie worth watching.


Acts of Vengeance Film Review (2017) – Banderas Revenge Thriller
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What's good
Good moral lessons
Well-choreographed action scenes
What's bad
Dreadful pacing
Story is a bit messy
Some side characters are not well developed
Just Okay
This is a film that you can probably skip unless you are fan of such genre!
Recommended to people who are looking for a little action and a little life philosophy, though do note that its quality is just subpar.


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