Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) Mini Film Review

Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) Mini Film Review

We are not really surprised when this film is announced last year, where there were rumours that Disney is aiming to release a pre-pre sequel to the Star Wars franchise. One of these is Solo: A Star Wars Story that aims to tell the story of Han Solo and his journey to become the famed man in the original series. What could we expect from this film that seems to have been milked for the sake of it? Read on below Solo: A Star Wars Story film review to find out if the force is strong in this one!



The film explores the story of the young Han Solo and his adventure with Chewbacca before the events in A New Hope. Here, Solo is a young brat who is not unlike his older self, though with a bit more wit and charm. But perhaps he has met someone who will change his life forever during these past events?

Screen Shot  Solo: A Star Wars Story film

Friends through thick and thin and snow and more!



I didn’t really have too high expectations going on and I was pleasantly surprised by what this film delivered.

Plotwise I shall spoil nothing suffice to say that this film is literally action-packed and might be one of the most well-paced films I’ve seen in a while… But that might also be its weakness. The plot really MOVES and it does feel a bit like it’s jumping from exotic locale to exotic locale at the start just because they can but towards the latter half the adventure feels more cohesive and organic, less disjointed. Most of the action sequences here I feel, once they start they really go on for quite long and it is commendable at how long they maintain and elevate the sense of tension and excitement.

However, character wise there’s actually not much going on. This is mostly an action film and there’s not much time or space given to character growth. A lot of the characters were actually interesting but the film didn’t really do anything with them in its rush, it just felt like such wasted potential. I especially liked a certain droid character and thought she was extremely funny. They barely give depth to the character of Solo and there are certain nods and references to the phrases and items of his that we know of… But there’s no emotional weight behind any of it he doesn’t earn them he just… Gets them or overhears it and it feels hollow.

It is certainly an enjoyable action film but it feels hollow and when you carry the name of star wars, it just feels like you shouldn’t be hollow.


Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) Mini Film Review
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What's good
Superb pacing coupled with thrilling action scenes
Very varied locales and good set design
What's bad
Little to no character growth, we barely get to know anyone past the surface
First half can feel a bit disjointed
Pretty Good!
An unexpectedly good pre-pre sequel Star Wars film!
Just like Rogue One movie, this film is done with quality materials and also stars one of our most beloved characters in the franchise with a new light. Though, it suffers from its other characters that seems shallow and without any character growth.


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