How To Talk To Girls At Parties Film Review (2017) – London Aliens Punks

How To Talk To Girls At Parties Film Review (2017) – London Aliens Punks

(This is the How To Talk To Girls At Parties film review, which is the sequel to the 2015 Jurassic World film)

I think this is based on a book by Neil Gaiman But it doesn’t matter because I’ve never read the book and shall judge it as its own thing anyway. It is directed by John Cameron Mitchell and stars Elle Fanning and Alex Sharp and features a relationship between an alien and a human in punk London setting. SO we should technically expect some British comedy in this weird setting as well. Read on below for the How To Talk To Girls At Parties film review to find out how it fares!



Young Enn and his best friends stumble upon a bizarre gathering of teenagers who are from another planet, visiting Earth to complete a mysterious rite of passage. That doesn’t stop Enn from falling madly in love with Zan, a beautiful and rebellious alien who becomes fascinated with him. Now that the earthling and alien are going to form friendships and perhaps something more, will they be able to survive the upcoming trials?

How To Talk To Girls At Parties film review alien x punk image

Can an alien and a human fall in love in a punk- filled world?


How To Talk To Girls At Parties Film Review

This film is weird AF man, endearingly so though. It’s filled with themes of… Young love, of anarchy, of the spirit of punk, of freedom. It’s a hot mess of a sci-fi, romance film and it really shouldn’t have worked but… It came together in the end for me, beautifully so. It also gave me sing street vibes which I absolutely adored.

Plot-wise, I feel this film probably isn’t for everyone. It’s distinctly British and at times in your face, at times hella awkward. The humor comes from a lot of fish out of water sequences and some might just find it too weird? But the weirdness of the film, intersplices with moments of unexpected tenderness. And IDK why but by the end of the film I was invested and it moved me… But it might not affect everyone as I felt some other audience members were just too weirded out.

Character-wise, I felt most of the main cast was alright and were likable. Most had their own little subplots going on but of course, the story focuses on the 2 main leads. I would say the star of the show is definitely Elle Fanning as she pulls off a fictional being that goes from mysterious to awkward to endearing to ferocious to vulnerable and lastly to altruistic. And I was just sitting there in awe of her performance every step of the way. Of course, a fantastic script also aided her performance.

I would say that some of the scenes might have been too out there but it certainly gains my respect for daring to be different. Some of the cinematography was also kind of dull and shaky for me but I think that was from emulating the punk style of that era.

It’s different and that’s not a bad thing. I would certainly like more films that feel less mainstream.


How To Talk To Girls At Parties Film Review (2017) – London Aliens Punks
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What's good
It's a beautiful mess of a film
Elle Fanning's wonderful acting
Youthful energetic anarchist vibes
What's bad
Cinematography felt a bit dull
Humour might be too British and situational humour might be a bit too awkward for some
Pretty Good!
A weird film that is actually interesting
If you want to watch something that is so not mainstream and different with the addition of British humour, then this film will perhaps be a hidden gem for you!
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