Terminal Film Review (2018) – Hitman x Mysterious Woman

Terminal Film Review (2018) – Hitman x Mysterious Woman

(This is the Terminal film review, which is a noir film released in 2018)

Terminal is a noir thriller film that seems to have been flying under the radar when it’s released recently. Though, it contains some of the famous stars such as Margot Robbie, Simon Pegg, Dexter Fletcher, Max Irons, and Mike Myers. And along with a pretty unique style as well as a weirdly psychological story. Could this be what you want to watch? Read on below for the Terminal film review to find out!



When two hitmen received a job from a mysterious source which promises a handsome reward, they encounter a woman who seems to know more than what she should know, and also able to do more of what they thought she could do. Could they accomplish their tasks successfully? And who is this mysterious woman in the first place?

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The Mysterious woman and her weird antics…


Terminal Film Review

I’m going to be real for a moment here… And say that the marketing for this film is criminally underwhelming and also the poster really sucks. Terminal is a noir mystery film set in a seedy town dripping with neon lighting and populated by mysterious characters who sport some seriously witty banter.

PPlot-wise it is a mystery that’s for sure but not exactly a detective kind of whodunit story, rather you follow several characters with dubious allegiances and motives and try to figure out along the way what the hell is going on. It’s a little psychological? But I wouldn’t really say it’s a thriller. It’s not the fastest film in terms of pacing and a lot of the “action” here lies in dialogue so some people might be turned off by that. I think the plot thinks it’s a lot smarter than it really is when really, it’s just presented in a disjointed and messy fashion rather than being actually complicated. There are twists in this film and I did see them coming but I would say I don’t think they’re blatantly obvious, it was more of a hunch on my part.

Character-wise, everyone here is great in their roles and I actually really like the acting here. There’s no standout because I think everyone is actually bloody fantastic. I will say the style of the film and dialogue it’s really… British? European? I don’t quite know how to describe it but something about the jokes, the jabs and the vocabulary used. Oh, and the dialogue is superbly written and expertly delivered. Some of the wittiest and snappiest dialogue I’ve heard in a long while.

The cinematography. Maybe not so much the camera techniques but rather the set design and color grading. It just really speaks to me. The framing of everything just makes certain scenes and locales look very picturesque coupled with the expert use of neon lighting, I absolutely loved the aesthetics of the film.


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Terminal Film Review (2018) – Hitman x Mysterious Woman
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What's good
One of the wittiest, snappiest dialogue I've heard in a long time
A very contained yet interesting story, rare nowadays
Superb acting from everyone
What's bad
There is not much action, which might turn some people off
The film thinks it's smarter than it really is
Pretty Good!
A surprisingly decent film that flies under the radar.
With other blockbusters such as Deadpool 2 and the Infinity War being released at almost the same time as this film, it's no wonder many people miss this film that is actually pretty good and filled with terrific acting performances from its star-studded cast!
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