Isle of Dogs Film Review (2018) – Dogs x Japan x Wacky

Isle of Dogs Film Review (2018) – Dogs x Japan x Wacky

(This is the Isle of Dogs film review, which is a stop-motion animated film that is a fusion of Japanese and Western artstyles )

Isle of Dogs is a stop-motion animated film that is directed by the famed Wes Anderson, whose works in the past include The Grand Budapest Hotel. With him at the helm of almost all parts of the film, many of his fans and critics alike have awaited this film for some time. Now that it has arrived, will this be yet another of his masterpiece? Or will it only worth to be seen by dogs? Read on below the Isle of Dogs film review to find out!



In Japan, a dog-flu has spread across canines in the city. Subsequently, all dogs are then, by law, banished to an island where rubbishes are dumped, nicknamed Thrash Island. One day, a boy who is the nephew of the mayor who decreed the law has crash-landed on the island to find his dog, Spot. Will he be able to find it? And perhaps uncover a greater mystery behind the flu?

Isle of Dogs Film Review touching scene between boy and dog

The Man’s best friend indeed!


Isle of Dogs Film Review

I would say that Isle of dogs is actually a very tiring film to watch for me. There’s simply so much detail to take in and every scene goes by so fast. Every single scene is akin to a renaissance painting and you just want to take it all in… but you just can’t.

Plot-wise, I won’t spoil too much but there are surprisingly shocking and tragic moments juxtaposed with animation that is oft associated with being more for children. I felt genuinely affected and audibly gasped even. The one complaint I have is certain parts of the starting and middle can feel a bit draggy.

Character-wise, all the actors, and actresses do a fine job but I feel the true star here is the nuance of the animated emotions. The devil is truly in the details. That goes for all the environmental animations and just… Everything. The whole world is superbly brought to life.

The soundtrack though sparse, when it comes on it adds immensely to the atmosphere and emotions of the scene.

Overall, it’s another fantastic piece of art by Wes Anderson.


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Isle of Dogs Film Review (2018) – Dogs x Japan x Wacky
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What's good
Whole cast of interesting, well-acted and superbly animated characters
Amazing attention to detail in the animation for everything
Many scenes are very picturesque
Soundtrack though sparse is well-used
What's bad
Draggy first half
It is yet another masterpiece by Wes Anderson
Wes Anderson has managed to create another detail-packed masterpiece that aims to tell a story through unconventional storytelling method.
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