Avengers: Infinity War (2018) Mini Film Review

Avengers: Infinity War (2018) Mini Film Review

Oh yeahhhh! It’s that time of the year again when most Marvel superheroes gather in a single movie and that is The Avengers series! This time, our heroes have to fight Thanos to prevent him from getting the Infinity Stones for his gauntlet. After the accumulation of myriad Marvel movies before this film come out, will this be the Ultimate film that we have all been waiting and hyped about? Read on Avengers: Infinity War review below to find out!



Thanos has arrived on Earth to get back the Infinity Stones from the several superheroes in order to gain dominance of the galaxy. The only ones that could stand up against him are the Avengers who has added more members to their group. However, will this alone be enough for them to withstand the wrath of Thanos?

Screen Shot Avengers Infinity War

The Big Bad Guy Thanos!!



I honestly am not sure about how to review this because of 2 main things.
1)So much of the film cannot be talked about without going into spoilers.
2) I don’t feel like this film stands on its own because it is the culmination of 10 years of the MCU. I don’t think it could have worked without the previous immaculately laid the foundation of individual character’s films.

This film is long, if I’m not wrong it is 2.5 hrs and I can think of maybe just a few parts that I felt kind of slowed down the pacing but other than that, the pacing kept me hooked and it didn’t feel like a chore to watch, at least not on the first viewing. It might suffer on subsequent viewings. There is actually quite a bit of action scenes and they all felt pretty thrilling to watch.

In terms of character growth/arcs, I don’t think you really find them here but the film kind of works simply because all the characters are already well set up in their own films so this film doesn’t have to do it, being able to devote more time to the villain Thanos. Speaking of which, Thanos does not come off as one dimensional but it is more hinted at rather than shown as his backstory and motivations are rushed through.
It is honestly astonishing what Marvel has done, the meticulous planning and thought and how everything came together in this film. Even tonally, it was a monumental task combining all these characters from different films together but I think it was indeed achieved due to a careful grouping of the characters.

I will say that if you just view this film on its own, it comes off like a big shallow superhero action blockbuster with very rushed character growth/arcs. But that’s the thing, this film doesn’t stand on its own, it has the backing of 10 years of film and it has achieved sth truly special here. If I were to judge it on its own it would not get a very good rating, however, I am choosing not to.

There is not much more I can say without delving into spoilers so if you’ve kept up with the MCU so far go watch it. If you have not….. Well, I’ve heard a marathon of all the MCU movies is under 30 hours lmao.


Avengers: Infinity War (2018) Mini Film Review
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What's good
Amazing action sequences littered throughout the film
Does not feel draggy on first viewing
Loved the comedy balanced with the tragedy
Character groupings very well thought out
What's bad
The film does not stand on its own
Heroes feel powered down at certain points to give the film the feeling of actual stakes
Pretty Good!
The Avengers deliver what you expect it to be, but that's all it does!
To be honest, this film does not stand on its own as it's the result of the accumulation of other introduced superheroes who appear in their own movies. It delivers is mostly everything that I expect it to be, though I felt that the superheroes are powered down in order to make the films more tense and dramatic.


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