Life Review: Featuring & Interviewing SourceSage Founders!

Life Review: Featuring & Interviewing SourceSage Founders!

The Father & Son duo who has been making rounds in the news recently is well deserved their fame for their slightly unusual partnership. Normally, young entrepreneurs would want to partner up with friends or people of similar ages when they want to set up a business or a start-up company. However, for Jian Min Sim, he does things differently as he chooses to partner up with his father, John Sim, when setting up SourceSage.

I am glad that they have allowed me some time in their busy schedule to interview them on their journey and also their thoughts on the start-up industry in Singapore and Asia. Who knows, some of their pieces of advice may turn out to be your lifesavers!


(SourceSage is a platform that lists massive information for Commodity Trading and has been used many users around the world in their work. Be sure to check them out!)


Story 1: The Beginning

How SourceSage comes about, and for what purpose?


Story 2: Father & Son Partnership

Why would a young visionary entrepreneur decide to team up with his father in setting up SourceSage?


And a sneak peek of the SourceSage office!

SourceSage BTS

An everyday life in the office


Story 3: Initial Challenges

What did they face initially due to age differences and the different views/perspectives and how did they resolve them?


Story 4: Handling Changes

John Sim explains how age is just a number, and what qualities do people need to handle the rapid changes in the industry and our lives.


Once again, a great thank you to Jian Min Sim and John Sim for willing to be part of Controller Companies’ Life Review and hope that SourceSage will be even more successful in the future and help out many others in their field of work in commodity trading!

(if you would like to see more of this famous father-son duo, feel free to email or comment below and I will see that they get their deserved 2nd part of the Life Review!)

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