Ready Player One (2018) Mini Film Review

Ready Player One (2018) Mini Film Review

Ready Player One is one of those films that have been hyped since it’s teaser is released months ago, and with it also being directed by the legendary director Stephen Spielberg, the hype is true. What’s more, its theme that consists of games and virtual reality, something that all of us are getting to experience nowadays, this film could be the next hit that reflects our current times. However, will it be successful by incorporating pop culture and hoping the audience will lap it up? Read on below for the Ready Player One review to find out!



The world is in 2045 and everyone is addicted to the Virtual Reality game OASIS, where you can use it to earn money and buying items to get more powerful. The creator of the game promises anyone who has managed to unlock the 3 keys to be able to control and own OASIS itself. With that as a goal, our main character strives to find clues to find those keys, and along the way meet up with new friends and also…new enemies. Will he be able to survive through all of these, especially when his real life is also in danger?

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When your game is threatened by an evil corp…will you fight for it?



The premise is set in a not-so-futuristic world and it feels real to me. We are now at the beginning point where Pokemon Go exists and such virtual reality OASIS game is probably just a few decades away from being realised. Aside from this, the story is quite simple and is not really deep. It is more akin to a family film that Stephen Spielberg excels in, where the hero saves the day and also learns about some moral lessons at the end. As for the pacing, this is perhaps one of the best I have ever seen, where a 2 hour film feels just like an hour to me, and I did not even realise that time has passed by so fast! It’s just that good as the story moves fast at appropriate pace and makes sure you don’t feel bored in any of them by introducing new events and characters and also characters from other franchises.

The characters are actually nothing special, as our main character is just a normal everyday guy who happens to be a nerd that is able to remember lots of stuff. The same applies to the side characters where there are certain diversity from different races and stuff, but none of them really stands out. What does stand out is all those characters from other franchises such as HALO, Overwatch and Gundam etc, where they become the main stars and also partly why people want to watch this movie. As for the antagonists, they are decent, though still not as strong as I like. The soundtrack is also quite techno and game-ish, making every single sequence a fun and exhilarating as if you are playing a game.


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Ready Player One (2018) Mini Film Review
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What's good
Great concept that reflects our current technological situation
Extremely well-paced, a 2 hour movie feels very short to me
Lots of recognisable characters from other franchises
Somewhat great moral lessons
A great family film as well
What's bad
Somewhat weak characters and antagonists
Stephen Spielberg has delivered again!
Even when it has weaker characters and antagonists, the premise and story concept and pacing more than make up for its sole weaknesses. And adding the fact that you might see your favourite videogame characters or cartoons inside the film will make you smile.


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