A Quiet Place Film Review (2018) – Stay Fcking Quiet

A Quiet Place Film Review (2018) – Stay Fcking Quiet

(This is the A Quiet Place film review, the debut film of John Krasinski who also acts in it with his wife)

A Quiet Place is a film that is a directorial debut of John Krasinski, who also cast his real-life spouse, Emily Blunt, into this movie. In a way, this film received several spotlights as one of the few films that are pretty unique in utilising sound, or the lack of it in this film. With that in mind, how does John’s first film fares? Read on A Quiet Place film review below to find out!



The world is threatened by unknown creatures that are blind but is highly sensitive to sound, and they will kill any of those that cause it. After some years, an American family has managed to survive through adapting to their new environment using various means. However, when someone an something caused a sound, a chain reaction happens and they might have to encounter those creatures along the dead of the night. Will they ever survive as a family?

A Quiet Place film review survival family

Survive as a family; or perish as one


A Quiet Place Film Review

First of all, the premise is really simple, and it offers no explanation as to why and how the weird creatures come into existence in the first place. In a way, it is similar to the Cloverfield film, where we are dropped right into the story world where things have already gone bad. Though, the premise is not the main star here so it’s still forgivable, and I like that it gives us the persistent mystery and allow us to concentrate much more on the characters. Pacing wise, it is pretty good from the start till the end and only a slight draggy in the middle portion.

The characters are the main stars here, with each of them relying mostly on hand languages and facial expressions to communicate. I think this is the brilliant part of the film, as it emphasises and applies the concept of ” Show not tell” to the limit. This is helped further by the wonderful acting by the actors and actresses themselves, especially Emily Blunt and Millicent Simmonds, who the latter is truly deaf in real life. Each of the characters has their own personalities, and each of them is also given enough screentime for character growth. I would say this film has one of the best characterisation I have seen so far, as I empathise with them very quickly in the beginning. Also, the chemistry between the actors, especially Emily Blunt and John themselves, are absolutely natural, perhaps just like their real-life. Lastly, the film employs almost very few soundtracks and relies mostly on natural sounds, which really fits the atmosphere and the theme of the film. This is also perhaps one of the best mostly silent film with minimal dialogues that I enjoyed so far. For John Krasinski’s directorial debut, this film has done wonders and I await his future works excitingly!


A Quiet Place Film Review (2018) – Stay Fcking Quiet
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What's good
Excellent acting by the cast
Original story concept
Solid atmosphere that combines post-apocalyptic mood with a typical American countryside atmosphere
Strong characters that are given sufficient screentime and growth
Impressive directorial debut by John Krasinski
Usage of hand-signs and body languages to communicate
Characters chemistry are pretty strong
What's bad
Pacing can get a bit draggy in the middle, but this is just a nitpick
Would be great if they can explain about the creatures just a bit more
John Krasinski's directorial debut is absolutely marvellous!
This is a film that knows what it's doing and does not go overboard or loses focus with its original story concept. Coupled with excellent acting by the cast and maximising the concept of "Show, not tell", this film is a great watch!
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