Annihilation Film Review (2018) – Psychological Scifi Horror

Annihilation Film Review (2018) – Psychological Scifi Horror

(This is the Annihilation film review, a Netflix’s original movie that is released in 2018 with quite a low fanfare)

Annihilation is a Netflix original sci-fi movie directed by Alex Garland(Ex-Machina) based on the southern reach trilogy of books by Jeff Vandermeer. It is comprised of many genres such as psychological and horror as well. As one of the Netflix’s original movie, how does it fare compared to other films of the similar genre? Read the Annihilation film review below to find out!



A group of military scientists has to enter a quarantined place that is filled with mutated creatures and other organisms, called “The Shimmer”. Inside, they face off against beings so unimaginable, and the atmosphere so deadly that the only things scarier is a secret hidden deep inside the place. But can they survive to tell the tale?

Screen Shot of Annihilation film

Never stop keeping a lookout for your deadly surrounding!


Annihilation Film Review

It has a very interesting premise filled with intrigue and various themes about humanity. I feel like it is definitely worth a watch and you should go in knowing as little as possible.

Plot-wise, the story, in my opinion, hooks you in pretty quickly and just refuses to let you go. Throwing you into confusing situation after confusing situation, it just makes you want to continue watching to find out just what exactly is going on within the mysterious zone only known as The Shimmer. I feel like there’s quite a bit of subtle foreshadowing in the film so if you’re paying attention, some of the twists won’t really catch you off guard? I will say that the ending will probably confuse the shit out of first-time viewers and to be honest it is very very open to interpretation which was a conscious decision by the director.

The characters are all very well acted and while we don’t delve too deep into all of the characters, most of them do not come off as one dimensional. Standouts would be Natalie Portman and Gina Rodriguez though I feel its partially due to the script that these 2 characters had more moments to… “shine”. The cinematography and CGI involved are extremely well done and while not the most realistic-looking movie, they maintained a consistent tone. The visuals were very vibrant and had this very…… I don’t quite know how best to describe it but it strongly reminded me of the visuals in the game “The Last of Us” with all the overgrown flora and fauna. It made the environment within the shimmer that much more fantastical and beautiful.


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Annihilation Film Review (2018) – Psychological Scifi Horror
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What's good
Interesting Sci-fi premise
Plot hooks you in and refuses to let you go with much mystery and intrigue
Environment and CGI were fantastic and really crafted the atmosphere of the film
What's bad
Very open-ended ending which some people might not like
Conclusion can feel rather rushed and sudden
Pretty Good!
Perhaps one of the better Netflix's Original Film!
With a plot that is so engrossing that it sucks you into the story world and well-acted scenes, this film will annihilate other competitions easily. Now if only the pacing can be tightened.
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