When She received her own Happiness

When She received her own Happiness

It’s been years, or 4 years to be exact, since that split. And just like that, time passed in the blink of an eye and our lives have not crossed path for 3 years as well. We had our differences and also beliefs that made us in our current state. A year ago, she found a new guy, someone that she truly deserved, and most importantly, someone who shares the same belief as her. My heart felt a bit of pain upon knowing about this, but at that time, I, too, was in another relationship, and I felt happy for her to find someone better.

Then, time passed again, and I got to know of her wedding today, which was really unexpected. I could see her in her best wedding dress that is the most appropriate for her. They both look really blissful together, of which they should. I don’t know what to feel, but I still wish them happiness and congratulations. Even when we are forever apart in our lives, those memories would come flooding back. But I know the reason why we split ways and had to as well, for we each deserve those that share the same belief as ourselves.

I wish you guys a heartfelt congratulation and hope you will gain happiness that he can provide in my place that will surpass mine. Thank goodness you are able to find him, and thank goodness I did the right thing 4 years ago. Love is such, and those memories are more than good enough in my life to serve as a reminder that we used to exist.


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