When a Mistake becomes Complicated

When a Mistake becomes Complicated

Have you ever made a mistake that seems minor to you, and then it turns into a complicated mess as things piled on top of it? It is probably one of the worst feelings to possess, especially when it’s so unlike you to do it in the first place. However, a mistake has been made, and the consequences will have to be experienced.

It happened to me after a great birthday chalet that lasted 3 days. It also happened at the time when I had the most fun chatting with new people that I met there. Then, a slip of tongue happened and then 2 days later things became weird. Misunderstandings arose from me that led others to be involved. Some are hurt by this, and some remained oblivious. I was confused, to say the least, when she texted me a long message about it.

Trust is indeed hard to build, yet so easy to break. What we said might cause hurt and the break of trust that could be at the slip of tongue, and then a sentence becomes the sword that stabs someones else from the back; and into the heart.

A mistake, no matter how small, will always bear consequences. What I did is to face it, no more escaping the responsibilities. Eventually, I hope it can be fixed, and this will forever become a lasting reminder of the brittleness of trust, and that a small mistake could be the first step to a worse outcome.

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