Lady Bird Film Review (2017) – Heartfelt Honest Drama

Lady Bird Film Review (2017) – Heartfelt Honest Drama

(This is the Lady Bird film review, which is an indie film that is released to low fanfare in 2017)

Lady Bird might just be one of the most heartfelt and unflinchingly honest films I’ve seen in a long while. It is a coming of age story that perhaps not everyone might entirely relate to but even then, you kind of just sit there in awe knowing you’re watching something special. Read on the Lady Bird film review below to find out how it fares!



Lady Bird takes place in the American Town of Sacramento in the early 2000s. Our main character, Lady Bird, is 17, in her last year of high school and is at a crossroad in her life. She’s sick of a lot Of things in her life and wants nothing but to escape her current mundane life and goes to great lengths to do so. But is it all worth it? Does the reality live up to the fantasy?

lady bird film review main character

A weird girl indeed…


Lady Bird Film Review

All the characters here are very well realised and the dialogue, especially in the film, just feels so authentic that even a few scenes in, I didn’t feel like I was watching a film, it felt more like I was watching real people having actual conversations. The family dynamic especially between ladybird and her mum is a big standout and might even tug at your heartstrings if you let it. Most of the characters all have some of the character growth but of course, the main focus is still lady bird’s growth and it is very well portrayed. There were also many scenes which caused me to audibly react, cringing at awkward moments or even involuntarily smiling at the characters’ triumph. And that is really the big draw of ladybird here, it is just a really well written, well-acted drama.

That and its characters which will draw you in and really make you care for them. There are only a handful of interesting shots and the majority of the shots aren’t much to look at and closely focus on the people but I feel that lends to the authentic and heartfelt feel of the film. This film also has certain messages it conveys at certain moments where they don’t outright say it, instead of showing it and having you draw your own conclusions.


Lady Bird Film Review (2017) – Heartfelt Honest Drama
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What's good
Characters. All of them.
Realistic dialogue and acting, you barely feel like you're watching a movie
Certain messages in the film are shown, not told, a sign of exceptional directing and screenplay quality
What's bad
Huge focus on Lady Bird's character growth, some of the more minor characters can feel a bit neglected
A very natural and masterfully directed film!
Lady Bird belies its genre in delivering a masterpiece in filmmaking of its type. This extends even to the characterisations which are just perfect. Definitely, give this a watch!
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