Wonderful! Liang Xi Mei [旺得福梁细妹] (2018) Mini Film Review

Wonderful! Liang Xi Mei [旺得福梁细妹] (2018) Mini Film Review

Ahhh~ it’s a film by Jack Neo, one of Singapore’s most famous film director, who has always maintained his unique style of storytelling and humour, is back again just in time for Chinese New Year! And what better way to celebrate it by bringing back old favourite such as the character Liang Xi Mei, who appears in any skits and comedy show Comedy Night! Now let’s see whether the nostalgia is strong in this one to make it into a hit in this film review~



Years have passed and Liang Xi Mei has chosen to retire after some time and is taking care of her grandchildren. However, her elder son Robert still stays in her house with his family as he tries to strike it big using cheap-win methods such as Toto etc. And then one day he accidentally encounters a Fortune Goddess, and his life will forever change. But will it be for the better or worse?

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Old Favourite Characters are back!



Note that this film is mostly for fans of the series that spans back decades since 1990s and thus newcomers might get confused as the film acts as a sequel of sorts to those comedy skits. Straight away, the narrative is the Jack Neo’ signature style of inputting common stereotypical Singaporeans humour and incidents while also updating them with today’s newest trends such as Fake News etc. It is a fairly cliche story that is very predictable and this style has not changed much since his first directed film. But it is still decent and enjoyable to watch with family, which this film is intended for. The pacing is pretty okay though the middle portion will drag a bit. The comedy is quite well done as well as I laughed quite a few times, and some of them are thanks to the characters.

Characters wise, they are the main stars of the film as many of the veteran actors reprise their roles again and did it brilliantly. With the likes of Mark Lee and Henry Thia already gracing us with their presence, their comedy and also character interactions bring out the fun factor of what made these characters so famous in the first place. Honestly, Henry Thia as Lion King is still as brilliant as ever! Other characters also gain some screentime that is well balanced among the main characters. Lastly, the music is the typical Chinese drama music that is not very memorable, but this film is infused with Chinese New Year flavour which makes it slightly different and more relatable on the whole.


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Wonderful! Liang Xi Mei [旺得福梁细妹] (2018) Mini Film Review
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What's good
A decent narrative that is enjoyable when watched with family
Veteran actors reprise their old roles brilliantly
The comedy factor is still strong
Henry Thia as Lion King, nuff said!
What's bad
Very cliche storyline
Characters are pretty stereotypical
Only for the fans, not much for newcomers to the series
Pacing is just decent
Soundtrack is unmemorable
Pretty Good!
Liang Xi Mei is back with the signature Jack Neo comedy!
This film is for the fans of the characters and the skit series, and it does deliver in its comedic section. However, it is also marred by very predictable cliche narrative and streotypical characters.


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