Loving Vincent (2017) Mini Film Review

Loving Vincent (2017) Mini Film Review

Loving Vincent is a very uniquely animated film. In the sense that the film basically has the aesthetics of a moving painting and over a 100 artists were actually hired to paint the paintings frame by frame. It is also a biographical film of the renowned artist in a more ‘artistic’ way.



The film basically depicts the life of Vincent van Gogh from his life events until his death, and it paid more attention to the latter. This is also the first fully painted animated feature film in the history of films!

Screen Shot Loving Vincent film

The Man who shall leave behind his name in the Art History



In terms of plot, it is actually rather simple. It follows the story of our main character as he tries to deliver one of the last few letters that Vincent Van Gogh wrote to his brother before his passing. Along the way, he talks to many people who knew him while he was alive and we find out more about him as a person, his life and the mystery surrounding his death. It is very much a drama which touches on many themes concerning humanity like… What it means to be happy and the many forms that happiness can come in? What it means to be depressed and to have people ridicule you for being different.

The cast here all give excellent performances but I will have to say that the main star here really is the animation which does somewhat muddle the facial Expressions of the cast but it is simply amazing just how much is still brought to life on screen. It really is like watching a moving painting and the art on display here does have a few different styles too.

Ultimately there isn’t that much to say as the art is the main star here and a picture speaks a thousand words so if this film interests you in the slightest, just go see it. It is something that truly has to be seen with your own two eyes.


Loving Vincent (2017) Mini Film Review
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What's good
Uniquely and beautifully animated
Characters are complex and added to the mystery of the plot
Very Artistic in theme
What's bad
not the most exciting film, but it really is not meant to be
Pretty Good!
The first fully painted animated feature film is golden!
This is a film by an artist for artists, but it also magically able to share its brilliance with ordinary audiences through its visual and characterisations. Definitely a must watch for its uniqueness!


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