The Occasional ‘Memory Loss’ Explanation

The Occasional ‘Memory Loss’ Explanation

It is when you suddenly forgot that they are your family members or your friends. It’s when you stop in your track, seemingly lost in thought and your memories.

In front of you is a person you have known for years, yet at this point of time, they become a stranger. You start to wonder how you met him/her till now. Then, slowly, you start to remember his/her characters and observes him/her from a distant. You become a third person while looking at them.You are separated from the reality; back into your own inner world.

Who could this person be? He/she looks familiar. Then, all of a sudden, memories of them rush into your mind. It is as if you travel back through time; from the moment you gain the first impression of them, till the last time you met them.

Now, you are back into the real world. Slowly, you look back at the person in front of you. You realised that time does change people, for better or worse.

However, at this time, you are sharing your time with him/her, which will then become yet another moment to be remembered the next time you experience the ‘memory loss’ sensation again.


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