All the Money in the World (2017) Mini Film Review

All the Money in the World (2017) Mini Film Review

All the money in the world is based on the true story of the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III with his grandfather, the richest man in the history of the world at that time refusing to pay the ransom.


This is a film that recounts the past events that depicts John Paul Getty III, who used to be the richest man alive in his time, but yet he refused to pay the ransom for the release of his grandson when he was abducted. For such an unthinkable thing to happen, we are taken to see what went through during the events in a more detailed and dramatised way.

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MORE! The value of money to the world’s richest man is incomprehensible to us indeed…


Story-wise, the pacing is actually pretty slow in my opinion and not all that much happens for the first half of the film. Rather, we are introduced to the characters of the film and shown as to what kind of people they all are. I felt like the film was a tad bit long but once again it is based on a true story so I guess they had to be faithful in certain ways.

Story aside which I didn’t feel all that invested in, the most compelling characters are basically Gail (the mum), one of the kidnappers and of course J. Paul Getty himself. However, none of the characters really went through any growth save for J. Paul Getty himself but even then his growth while being understandable, is never really explained and very sudden. It basically comes out of left field and feels unearned.

What I found most interesting was actually a question I felt the film was trying to get us to think about which is, is money truly the most important thing in the world? More important than family, than love, than a life of a person?

The color palette for this film is actually very cool throughout and just deprives the film of any warmth whatsoever which does suit the tone of the film but does make the film feel a bit dull at times.

The locales in which this film were shot are actually pretty exotic as it takes place in across Europe so I suppose its a breath of fresh air from the usual American cities.

This isn’t a bad film but I feel like it was just okay and neither the story nor the characters really grabbed me all that much unfortunately. The film just came off as being bland and it never really made me feel the tension that should come with a kidnapping although it might be due to remaining faithful to the original story and the entire blame cannot be put on the cast and crew.


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All the Money in the World (2017) Mini Film Review
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What's good
Well shot exotic locales
Well acted
What's bad
Bland, meandering story with slow pacing
Lack of character development
Fcking Bad!
All the Money in the World will not make you watch this at all!
With such a bad pacing and almost non-existence of character developments, you might as well spend all your money in other movies instead.


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