The Post (2017) Mini Film Review

The Post (2017) Mini Film Review

Watching this film, I can understand why Steven Spielberg felt that this film needed to be made in today’s world, more specifically in today’s America.

Based on the true story of the newspaper “The Post” and how they decided to expose years of government secrets concerning the Vietnam War for the good of the American People. I went into this film having limited knowledge about the actual events and I will say that knowing about it beforehand would be quite beneficial to the understanding of the film. With that being said I was, for the most part, able to follow what was going on as the plot unfolded.



The film is about America’s first female publisher of one of the major newspaper – The Washington Post. During the time period it is set it, she uncovers and decides to expose massive government secrets that has been hidden from the public for decades. Together with her nemesis from other newspaper companies, they have to race through time to reveal the truth that the public deserved. Question is, how are they going to achieve that before they themselves are caught?

Screen Shot of The Post film

A woman who has to go through the men who hid the secrets!



The first half of the film is actually pretty slow as it sets up the state of the world at the time, focusing on the state of the post, the political climate, and the gender inequality. The second half of the film picks up its pace much more with a renewed sense of purpose, making for a very tense political drama and in my opinion, an awe-inspiring conclusion. Granted this film’s tense action lies in dialogue, dialogue, and more dialogue so if that’s not your thing stay away.

That being said, the dialogue in this film is absolutely superb. Paired with an excellent cast, the dialogue had me right there and I really didn’t need any typical Hollywood “action” to keep me invested in the film.

Besides being a true story, this film actually closely mirrors the current political situation with trump administration, his disdain for several news outlets and government transparency in general. I believe there’s at least one line which is a direct jab at the trump situation and many, many poignant statements about how the government is to serve its people and never the other way around. It is also sadly, about the issue of gender Inequality. Why do I say sadly? Simply due to the fact that this film takes place in the 70s and although the situation has improved, gender inequality is still very much a thing in today’s “modern” world.

I agree that this is a very important film. However, as a film, it does suffer from a number of flaws which cannot be ignored. Most of the characters show close to no growth besides Meryl Streep’s and even her growth is too sudden, lacking a natural progression in my opinion.


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The Post (2017) Mini Film Review
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What's good
Touches on some very poignant themes that are relevant in the political climate of today's America
Superb performance by everyone on this star studded cast
Excellent, witty dialogue
What's bad
Pacing meanders a lot during the first half but does pick up in the second
Most characters do not receive that much development nor attention as the main star here is really the story
Some prior knowledge about the actual event beneficial to understanding the plot better
It's Okay
It's a great film that is also saddled with great flaws
The Post could have been one of the best movies of the year, especially with its witty dialogue, its relevance to today's America's political scene and its excellent performances by the star-studded actors. However, as a film, it fails greatly in its pacing and character developments as well as explaining the events better to the audience.


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