Why Writing is a Huge factor of being Human

Why Writing is a Huge factor of being Human

Writing for Me & You:

Writing is always meant to connect us to another. Even if you write for yourself, you are still writing for someone that is inside you, someone that is different from the current you. It could be for your current mood, or your memories, as we ourselves change as time passes. When you write in a diary or even on a blog, you have unconsciously been writing for you and them.

Even if the words are in different languages, or in very messy handwriting, you are still able to remember them deep inside your heart. Our memories may not be able to recall the content, but those feelings that have been locked in those words stay the same. It is not the brain that writes at these moments; it is the Heart. What seems to be a simple sentence may have hidden those emotions and thoughts at precisely the time you had written them.

We keep writing non-stop, as we march through our lives and many experiences are accumulated. Each memory is locked in the words that we form in our mind and is then transferred onto a medium by our heart. Think back to those days when you pick up the pen or type through the keyboard, what did you feel? The faint memories linger in the heart and if you concentrate enough, you will remember yourself of that moment. He or she is a different you with different moods and perhaps even different mindset. What do you recall?

Writing is for Me and You, regardless if they are you, others or even objects. We as humans are creatures of emotions, and writing is one of our ways to remember. Now, go find back those diaries or those hidden blog posts that you have accumulated throughout the years. It’s time to revisit that past, and perhaps form a connection with it and learn from it.

For the words are the reminder that we once have been that person in the past, for better or worse, and that we learn to embrace it unconditionally.


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