The Star Inn The City Restaurant York Review

The Star Inn The City Restaurant York Review

The Star Inn The City is a restaurant in York that serves modern British dishes using local produce. It is situated near a river and just beside a park. My friends, Tong Yi and Dylan Goh tried this out as we saw it.

(this review is a Limited review—means I/we have not tried all of their choices and it will be updated each time I/we visit them)

*This review is not sponsored by The Star Inn The City and we paid for our meals out of our own pockets.


Service Quality

The service is pretty excellent. We were brought to our seat in a matter of minutes and given some of the recommendations from the friendly waiter. Service is fast, except the main course took a bit more time to arrive.


Food Quality

The Star Inn the City Bread

Bread and Butter!

Our first food is, of course, the bread! Now, these are pretty great tasting bread with butter on the side. It’s nothing amazing, but it does serve as an excellent starter.

The Star Inn the City Potato

Buttered New Potatoes

Then we have the real stuff. Starting with Buttered New Potatoes, a dish made from locally sourced potatoes that are lightly boiled and buttered. It is a simple dish, but the potato flavour is brought out to the fullest from every bite. Also, each potato is semi bite-size, so it is easy to eat them.

The Star Inn the City Ham Knuckle Fritters

Ham Knuckle Fritters

We are also served the Ham Knuckle Fritters, with the crispy exterior and great tasting ham inside it. The sauce below is slightly too salty to my liking but my other friends enjoyed it, so I guess it really depends on your preference.

The potato is served together with the Herbed Venison Meatballs with macaroni, which is featured in this post’s cover image. The venison meatball is juicy and delicious, and the macaroni absorbs plenty of the juices as well. When eaten together, they form a great balance of chewiness and juiciness.

The Star Inn the City Tomatoes

Fresh Tomatoes & Cheese!

For the next meal, we had the Fresh Tomatoes with Cheese. Let me tell you this, they are amazing! The tomatoes come in different colours and are appealing to the eye. Each of them is juicy with different textures. Some are sweeter while some are juicier. Interestingly, each of them tastes great with the cheese and a bit of pesto on the top. You should definitely try this out!

The Star Inn the City Pan Roasted Yorkshire Lamb

Pan Roasted Yorkshire Lamb Cannon

For my main course, I ordered the Pan Roasted Yorkshire Lamb Cannon, which came with peas, Rhubarb Dauphinoise and Braising Juice. This is yet another excellent main course that is found on the seasonal menu. Each of the components come together to form a harmonious flavour in the mouth. The lamb provides the chewy texture that complements with the braising juice, while the peas and dauphinoise instil a fresh aftertaste after each bite.

The Star Inn the City Open Steak Sandwich

Open Steak Medium Rare Sandwich

My friends Tong Yi and Dylan ordered the Open Steak Medium Rare Sandwich, which came with blue cheese, caramelised onions & mushrooms, chips, and salad. I tried one of the steaks and they were alright. It’s nothing particularly amazing, but it’s good as the main course if you prefer some sandwiches.

The Star Inn the City Yorkshire Rhubarb & Custard Baked Alaska

Yorkshire Rhubarb & Custard Baked Alaska

Finally, we get to the dessert part! Our first sweet treat is the Rhubarb & Custard Baked Alaska! Man oh man, this is some great sweet stuff that I had in a while. The exterior is slightly crispy, with each bite bursting with sweetness from the sticky sugar bits sprinkled on top. The slightly caramelised flavour adds to the beautiful flavour, and the rhubarb is surprisingly tasty as well. Order this as your dessert and you will most likely not regret it!

We also tried the Raspberry & Lemon Balm Brûlée (no pic provided as none of them looked good, unfortunately) but it’s just okay, and a bit too sour for me.

Dark Chocolate Pot

Dark Pot and Ice Cream

Yet another dessert that hit the mark! This time, the chocolate lava cake is topped with vanilla ice cream. The contrast of warmth of the cake and coldness of the ice cream swirl in the mouth to create a satisfying sensation. This could be the next dessert for you to order when you are here!



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The Star Inn The City Restaurant York Review
Food Quality
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What's good
Locally sourced produce ensure you get the freshest ingredients
Delicious local delights
Great food selections
Wonderful atmosphere for dining
What's bad
Some of the food are not up to the standard for the price, but this is thankfully only a few
A wonderful restaurant worthy of your time!
The Star Inn situated in York provides excellent fresh quality food with wonderful service and spice it up with an appropriate atmosphere. Definitely check this place out!


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