Death, a peaceful & non-lonely affair

Death, a peaceful & non-lonely affair

Death is something I have heard and seen from others, but it’s only until this week do I truly experience the passing of a person…or in my case, two persons. My grandparents passed away this week with both of them leaving on almost the same day. The two days before, being thousands of miles away in the UK while they were in Indonesia, the only methods were through video calls.

I came to the realisation that their time was coming to an end. I could see them lying on the bed and fit with the oxygen masks. Each word spoken is muffled, no less due to the weak wifi in the hospital. But the eyes, I could see life was fading away. The next day, I managed to snap a ticket to fly back to see them on a 14-hour flight. By then, my grandpa has died, and only grandma remained. Upon reaching the airport, I received news from my mom that she had left as well.

14-hours later, I reached the cemetery hospital and saw their body. Cold and lifeless, but strangely, they looked incredibly peaceful as if they were just sleeping. From what I heard from my cousins and parents, my grandparents have already prepared beforehand and accepted they will leave this world at any time. It is perhaps the best death that a person could receive. It was a quick, almost painless death and they died together.

Their death sparked the reunion that brought almost everyone back, including some long lost cousins and aunts. Isn’t it just weird that only death could make everyone gather once more? As I looked on my grandparents’ faces, those memories started playing back. I remembered the times when they cared for us; my grandma’s songs and foods, they were filled with warmth and perhaps one of the best food I ever tasted – a food for the family. Then my grandpa would tell stories of Chinese cultures or myths and even martial arts world.  A memory playback for them, as a thanks and gratefulness for all of these wonderful memories that I would keep till my own death.

The world would continue on; the time would keep ticking. Their Life is just part of the cycles of the world. So insignificant, yet their impact on others lives are massive. Grandparents, I am eternally grateful for what you have done for us, and the care you have selflessly given us. I am also happy for you guys as both of you depart together peacefully.

A great loss, but also a peaceful depart with a company. We will continue on with our lives and carry your wills and teaching in our hearts. And you have taught me greatly at how feeble life is, but it can also end in a most unexpected way in peace.

Till then, look after all of us from above, and I would strive to keep the promise to be a better person that would make you proud and not leaving a regret in the next cycle.


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