Baby Driver (2017) Mini Film Review

Baby Driver (2017) Mini Film Review

Baby Driver is an action film that is written and directed by Edgar Wright, whose works include hits such as Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead. It also stars one of the acclaimed actors Ansel Elgort as the protagonist driver. With Edgar’s style of humour seemingly pretty apparent right from the poster, could this be yet his newest hit in the Hollywood-infested world? Read on below to find out!

(This review is as spoiler-free as possible, however, there might still be some minor spoilers due to the necessity of it to write the review)



A talented getaway driver, Baby, always uses music to amplify his alertness and skills to drive his heist teams from the police. However, things begin to turn for the worst when a big incident happens that might hurt his loved ones. Could Baby be able to drive out from this severe situation safely?


Screenshot of Baby Driver movie

A Sunglasses, Music and some Swag is aplenty for Baby.



As expected from Edgar Wright’s film, Baby Driver is a film that is not meant to be taken seriously. If you have watched any of his previous films, you will instantly recognise the film style and direct humour that his films are known of. The narrative is not really very original, but it is executed well with plenty of action sequences and swag-ness. Pacing is great for the beginning and middle-end portion, but the middle suffers from a slight drag that I deem is just for the sake of the soundtrack. Character-wise, Baby is a pretty unique character with quirks that actually makes the film much more interesting than a normal heist film. Ansel Elgort plays Baby brilliantly, with his expression and body languages in contrast to the commonalities of the Underworld, and it does not seem forced as well. Other characters are also filled with their own personalities and no characters felt like an extra, except maybe for the first guy that appeared in the beginning.

Action sequences are numerous and all of them are great. I love the choreography of some of the driving scenes, and they also begin way earlier to hook me into the film. There are also a few single take shots that are just excellent in their own regards. The uses of multiple soundtracks and popular beats help to keep the film flowing. It makes a tense but fun atmosphere and mood for most of the film. This is a film that knows how to have fun and is certainly a refreshing take on the common genre which does not follow traditional Hollywood formula.



Baby Driver (2017) Mini Film Review
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What's good
Film is executed well with unique style and humour
Pacing is great and it hooks you fast from the beginning
Unique characters full of personalities
Amazing soundtracks during exciting action sequences
What's bad
Narrative is not very original
Middle portion is dragged a bit too long
A fun, exciting and action packed humorous movie!
You want a fun, exciting and filled with great choreography involving cars that is not Fast & Furious, while also infused with its own personal style of humour and visual? Then Baby Driver might just be what you want!


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