The Mummy (2017) Mini Film Review

The Mummy (2017) Mini Film Review


Tom Cruise is a treasure hunter/looter in this movie and he stumbles upon an ancient tomb, inadvertently freeing the evil mummy played by Sofia Boutella. Action sequences ensue and several parties race to put a stop to the mummy.

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Tom Cruise comes back to fight the Egyptian Undead!



I just want to say that this movie has been getting a lot of hate and I can see where a lot of the critics are coming from. As a “Mummy” movie, it probably is not a very good one especially if you compare it to the original films with Brendan Frasier. Those films had heart, adventure, action, Egypt, cursed labyrinth tombs and many, many more fun aspects that truly defined this niche of a genre. This film, however, there is a desert but it does not even take place in Egypt and it is explained and does make sense from a story perspective but it does kind of feel…less cool. Furthermore, for a mummy film, the film does not even desert much, taking it to a very urban setting for a majority of the film. This film kind of lacks heart, adventure, and the tombs are not even maze-like. I am in no way saying that every film of the genre should have all these elements to succeed as I am all for trying out new and fresh directions. However, it feels like this film stripped down the genre and did not really put any of their own ideas in, making it feel a little bare-boned. With that being said, I actually enjoyed this movie a lot more than I thought I would partially because I went in with rather low expectations. As a “Mummy” film, I would say this film feels lacking but as an action film, this film has several white-knuckled action sequences that had me on the edge of my seat and Tom Cruise just gives his all during these scenes as usual. Also, this film has a stronger horror element as compared to the previous films and I think they are rather well done too. It really is about managing your expectations.

I have to say the first arc of this film I feel borrows very heavily from the Uncharted series(a video game), especially from Uncharted 3. Quite a few of the action sequences are basically homages to some of the famous set pieces in the game and I swear certain scenes in the film are almost identical to scenes in the game. I feel I am not wrong as Tom Cruise has admitted to copying one action sequence from the series in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. Even his character in the film reminds me of the protagonist in the game down to his hairstyle and both female leads do have some similarities too. I will admit this also adds to my enjoyment of the film.

The second arc is focused on expanding the “Dark Universe”, introducing Russel Crowe’s character. I have to say Russel Crowe is really good in this film and you can feel him dominating in every scene he is in. Sofia Boutella is also fine as The Mummy but I have to say the standout for me in this film in terms of acting is definitely Russel Crowe. The third arc then kind of comes back to wrapping up the conflict and I felt like it was done in a rather interesting way. There is a romance between this film between Tom Cruise and Annabelle Wallis, presenting itself as them having past relations which we never actually see or hear much about and it ended badly. They do kind of swing back due to certain events in the film and while it makes sense logically why it swings back, emotionally I just did not feel it was right. The romance was kind of rushed with limited chemistry.

Many reviewers have said this already but the film comes off as being disjointed and tonally conflicting and while I agree with them, I was entertained throughout the film and the pacing was fast enough that I did not really feel bored. It all depends on what your expectations are. If you go in wanting a mummy film which I will not blame you (I mean the film is called the mummy come on), you might feel disappointed but go in to enjoy the action and I think it is still an enjoyable film.



The Mummy (2017) Mini Film Review
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What's good
Exciting action sequences
Tom Cruise carries the film with his remarkable performance
What's bad
Other characters are pretty underwhelming
The romance is rushed and lacks chemistry
Soundtracks used are just not memorable at all
It's Okay
The Mummy is back but not with a Bang!
Without Tom Cruise, this movie would perhaps be one of the worst films ever in The Mummy franchise. Thankfully, Tom Cruise manages to turn it into, at least, a decently enjoyable movie.


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