Life Review: Featuring & Interviewing Isle Provisions!

Life Review: Featuring & Interviewing Isle Provisions!

For this article of Life Review, it is for introducing to you a new independent store that sells unique Taiwanese products that are sourced by the Taiwanese-Singaporean duo! Isle Provisions is a small store that fuses design with practicality and also in selling unique products. Take a look at the video below to check out our interview with them.

If you prefer to read, skip past the video to see the summarised or TL;DR version!


Isle Provisions is a new independent store opened up by the friend duo, Samuel Fu, and Matthew Foo. Samuel, who is a Taiwanese, and Matthew, who is a born-and-bred Singaporean, envision to open a shop selling native and unique Taiwanese products that scream quality. What is unique about this store is that its whole concept begins with the design of an island (of the store), that connects customers to the products in a poetic and metaphorical way.

Location: #01-80 Tiong Bahru Market, 30 Seng Poh Road, 168898

The Shop that encompasses the sea (blue front wall) and the wooden shelves (island trees and the land)


Some of these products are sourced directly by Samuel himself, who knows how and where to find great quality, original and 100% naturally made products from his hometown. Even its name itself means Island Provisions, in both the Chinese characters and the English translations below, signifying that the products could be said to be the treasures of an island.

Below are some of the unique products we found that may interest you!

An Original Rice Puff that is packaged simply and beautifully~

Love Corn Bar? How about making it taste like Wild Board! Now that’s nastily delicious!


There are other products that catch our eyes through their simplistic yet attractive designs and packaging as well!

The fusion of modernism and oriental artstyle XD

Even tea packages can be fascinating for admiring!

And many more!

Great quality and healthy oils, the perfect partner to any cookings!!

Of course we have Tofu as well, one can’t escape Taiwanese food without Tofu 😀

Black Citrus that is widely believed to improve your health much more than a normal citrus!

Or maybe some good old CANDIED orange slices to satisfy your tongue? XD

And the smooth creamy tasty Peanut Butter that might pull you away from Nutella? Eat it to find out! hehe


So if you are interested in getting some of these awesome unique Taiwanese products, head down to Isle Provisions as soon as possible while stocks LAST!


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