Colossal (2017) Mini Film Review

Colossal (2017) Mini Film Review

Colossal is a Canadian-Spanish science fiction comedy movie that combines lots of genre into one. It is directed by Nacho Vigalondo, a Spanish director who likes to direct science fiction-esque films. With well-known casts such as Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis, could this movie that is genre-bending become something of a hit? Or will it flop badly because of the sheer number of genres it’s tackling? Find out below!



Gloria suffers from alcoholism and her boyfriend breaks up with her, ultimately forcing her to go back to her hometown, where she meets her childhood friend Oscar. As she continues to indulge herself in more alcohols when she works as a waitress in Oscar’s bar, a giant monster appears in Seoul and starts to destroy the city. Somehow, Gloria feels a connection to the monster, but what could that mean? Would she ever discover the mystery behind their bonds?

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This girl has a connection with the unknown monster…somehow



This movie is weird, and really genre-bending to the max. First of all, the story itself is really quite random and does not feature a proper storyline that can be dealt with logic. It has an original concept, where a human is linked to a giant ‘kaiju’ who starts to destroy Seoul. The execution is great at the start, but it becomes a mess at the end. Pacing is excellent, with the beginning starting with an impact, until the climatic ending. Characters are acted well, especially Anne Hathaway who is able to convincingly portrays a drunk girl who possesses a heart of justice and yet suffers from her alcoholism. The protagonist seems helpless and often shown to be weak and less intelligent, but when it comes to saving the world, she is willing to do anything. Other characters, though, are less represented and are just extras with no purposes in the films, except perhaps the antagonist, who can’t decide to be the bad guy or semi-good guy. Finally, music soundtrack is pretty epic during the monster scenes, but most are not as memorable. The production value is pretty high, where they shoot in Seoul and with CGI for the monster. It’s not the best looking, but with the story already being this weird, they just seem to look fittingly into the narrative and the film world.



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Colossal (2017) Mini Film Review
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What's good
An original concept
Excellent pacing that keeps you hooked for its mystery
Main character is developed well
Decent soundtracks
What's bad
Story lacks focus and a proper logic, even for such genre-bending film
Other characters, especially the antagonist, are weak and doesn't contribute much to the story
Film is not executed as well as expected
Pretty Good!
A weird genre-bending film with a few caveats
It manages to create an original concept for a genre-bending film, but it also suffers from script quality and lack of focus and growth in the antagonist and side characters.



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